On the internet, nobody knows if you are a duck.
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Tawny Lawns 💗 Nov 14 @ 4:36pm 
Let The Honourable Mr Justice Jewn Quackerson know that in light of the colder season I shall be wearing a snazzy duck down jumpsuit to commemorate his noticeable duckness honourableness whilst concealing a 12-gauge Franchi Intensity the length of his unruly extended duck's bill as long as this abominable run-on sentence so that I may shoot that Pinocchio nose and abhorrent webbed feet to the ground in the fight against this disgusting recent rise in duck supremacy.
obi Nov 14 @ 11:36am 
so then, you admit your duckness! your ducknissity. your inducktion. lookout!!! duckkkkkkk!!!!
joe_biturbo Nov 13 @ 3:46am 
2 muich english 4 me
Tawny Lawns 💗 Nov 12 @ 9:09pm 
I’m a certified gender diagnostician.

Here. *slams paper napkin in your face and retracts promptly* Those were my credentials.
joe_biturbo Nov 12 @ 9:57am 
She is goose
Tawny Lawns 💗 Nov 11 @ 9:19pm 
He might be a balding ostrich with skin issues...
Or just a