Nicki Faulk   Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Quirky sysadmin. Geek. Gamer. Comic fangirl.

Death metal adorable, with a dash of bitch flavor.
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About Me
I'm a sysadmin living in Birmingham, Alabama. I dabble in web design when time allows. I love to cook, sing, read, blog, watch movies, and play video and tabletop games. I'm a rabid University of Alabama football fan. I'm a Firefox fangirl. I love bad monster movies, old horror flicks, martial arts films, and have a soft spot for anything with Bruce Lee, vampires, or werewolves in it, or anything written by Mel Brooks.

I love anything 'geeky' or dealing with technology. I'm a sucker for anything to do with animals. I'm addicted to LOLcats, love Star Wars AND Star Trek (OS), and am picky about my anime. I'm an aspiring sweet tea connoisseur and iPhone enthusiast.

Wanna know anything else? Just ask.

Current Game Obsessions

Various Steam games.

MMOs :
Aion (retired)
Revelation Online (retired)
Neverwinter (occasionally)
Guild Wars 2 (current obsession)

Always LF frands to play wiff. ^_^


Homepage: Birthplace of the Process of Illogical Logic [www.nickifaulk.com]

IG Contact

Discord: Harleykinz#2550

My IGN is usually Harleykinz or some variation of that.

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awwww *hugs*
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Meow, meow meow! *HUGS* *HUGS* *Hides*
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Can't wait until you get back in here :)
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Yay a fellow faerie solitaire player <3 hope all is well with you!!