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Erik   Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
'Ain't no thing like me, except me!' - Rocket Raccoon

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You want to be friends with me? Why not! Feel free to hit the add button - But since I receive       requests very frequently I can not accept everyone at a time. There are no requirements but
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If you came here to ask for an invite to any of our collectors groups, I expect you to ask politely.       Anything else will be ignored.

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SituatioN 11 minutes ago 

Have a wonderful weekend <3
L!ike please respond to this comment
Brøken 💎 2 hours ago 
Invite me to lvl100 collectors pls
thePenguin™ 5 hours ago 
well, and level 60 collector, sorry for spam. :D
thePenguin™ 5 hours ago 
and to 50+ badges, as well. Thanks :)
thePenguin™ 5 hours ago 
can you invite me to 100+ games group? Cheers.