Ryan   Pennsylvania, United States
plat spy, silver sniper
I make frag vids

11:35 PM - source: i am smarter than most
11:35 PM - source: and i have a sexy gf
11:35 PM - source: and lots of money
11:35 PM - source: how have i ever lost
11:35 PM - source: i only win
11:35 PM - source: u mad ....

2:42 PM - spu: perhaps pubg
2:42 PM - eX.^ Coldster: later
2:43 PM - eX.^ Coldster: spu if I ask you for the phase angle of a 4kHz sine wave after 5.5ms why is it not sin(360*4000*0.0055)
2:43 PM - eX.^ Coldster: why is this so hard
2:43 PM - eX.^ Coldster: its too simple it becomes complex
2:44 PM - spu: man i dont have a clue what the fuck that means LOL
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S24 - (Silver) ebola world
S23 - (Platinum) Insane Amounts Of Money eSports
S22 - (Platinum :UltimateStar: 2nd ) Where's Etney?
S21 - (Platinum) Slammin JAMMERS
S20 - (Platinum) Fast Forward
S19 - (Gold :bluestar: 3rd ) Order of the EZIC Star

UGC 4s
S12 - (Gold :fog_star: 1st ) Banananana Boat

S15 - (High) lil Team
S15 - (High :fog_star: 1st ) lil Team (Preseason Cup)
S14 - (High :UltimateStar: 2nd ) dab
S14 - (Premiership) The eX Men (Preseason Cup)
S13 - (High) The eX Men
S13 - (High :fog_star: 1st ) The eX Men (Preseason Cup)
S12 - (Mid :fog_star: 1st ) The eX Men

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happy birthday
Mr.DelDongo #LFDates ›› Mar 21 @ 2:14am 
Almost old enough to watch porn epic win!
eX.Hunter Mar 20 @ 11:08pm 
Happy birthday noob
›› wax Mar 20 @ 11:08pm 
happy birthday spu
Cool friend Mar 8 @ 9:09pm 
9:09 PM - sourceyrn: Spu
9:09 PM - sourceyrn is now Away.
dK Karl Mar 8 @ 8:52pm 
you avg 6hrs a day in tf2 for the last 5 years + every other game you've played on steam