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shoot'em.shoot'em.shoot'em. Jun 18 @ 8:51pm 
As a professional furniture manufacturer specialized in tables, I am extremely triggered over the design of that table. Nothing wrong with using a particle board (it's not MDF guys), but using a single flimsy connector that's designed for wardrobes is just insane. You need at least a FEW dowels to reinforce the connection strength - the connector itself requires a fairly deep hole and is used purely for horizontal attachment, not vertical - that's why you need dowels. That's of course ignoring the fact that putting the tabletop in between the legs instead of placing them to lay on top of the legs is stupid in the first place. There are connectors to make tables like that disassemblable, guys. Use Blum 42.0700 or something that's actually appropriate for that use
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hollando May 27 @ 11:02pm 
I thought fidget spinning was a dumb trend, but then I got mine. I felt the spin, I felt it on my finger, I felt the rush of a good spin. It changed me. I got my spinner ironically, but I was wrong. Its amazing, I'm smarter, more productive, more focused at work, a simple task is now much better.Outsiders dont get it, they dont get us. I'm not saying were better but were more open minded and probably smarter.I love this community, and I love this way of life.
I'm really upset, all my friends at school having been telling me to FAZE UP OR FUCK OFF and I'm still over here chanting VIRTUS.PLOW OR GET OUT OF TOWN. Like the only reason everyone is FAZING UP is because they paid a half of a million dollars for the cutest, quickest, little german boy money could buy. The sweet sweet baby boy is NiKo and his deagles are quite rediKolous. They get the NA crowd shaking in their eat. Jittery from the gfuel and vape juice they often shit themselves when NiKo hits his famous 'juan taps'. I can't wait to see the plow and faze on LAN like you don't fuck with papa and NiKo knows this.
Mexidankus Bartholomew Apr 29 @ 7:11pm 
Life is like a box of lasagna.
You never know if Garfield is going to ruin it.

Get Gar-filled
Mexidankus Bartholomew Apr 28 @ 9:16am 
Thanks for the burger