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A fun, sci-fi rabbit hole, which I recommend jumping into, headfirst. If you like murder mysteries, time travel, parallel worlds...if you like Star Trek, there is a high probability that you will love Consortium. Jeremy Soule composed the score, so you know you'll want to get the DLC, too, which includes the soundtrack, as well as collected information from the developers A.R.G. from 2010. The A.R.G. website is still active (, so you could take the time to spelunk that cave of wonders if you like, or save time and just absorb all that you can from what's included in the DLC.

You'll encounter a few bugs here and there. The ones that bothered me the most were when characters would talk over each other, making it hard to follow what either one is saying. Thankfully, this only happened a couple of times, and the game encourages (almost requres?) you to play through multiple times to experience the whole story. My first play was about 5 hours, at a comfortable pace. Very good storytelling here, and the second game (of a planned trilogy) is on the way. A good world to sink your mind into!
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