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NeoDement's Smissmas Showcase!
Collection by NeoDement
tis the season to make TF2 items! I'll be updating this collection as the leadup to Christmas continues, so be sure to check back regularly ;) A few of the items in this collection are ones I made for Halloween that I thought weren't particularly spooky
The Swaggin' Scotsman
Collection by NeoDement
A collection of items you can wear to show everyone how wealthy you are!
NeoDement's Spookfest 2017
Collection by NeoDement
Boo! Halloween is coming round again, which means another collection of ghoulish items from yours truly... Vote for them... if you dare! *maniacal laughing*
The Unlicensed Physicist
Collection by NeoDement
Everything you need for doctorin'.
NeoDement's Jungle Extravaganza
Collection by NeoDement
Here's a collection of all the items I've made for the Jungle Update, Valve's next community update. More info here (click me).
High Command
Collection by NeoDement
Dress to impress with this two-piece Soldier set!
Foreman's Formals
Collection by NeoDement
Don't be fooled by his attire - the only thing he knows how to build is a bomb.
Worker's Wear
Collection by NeoDement
Working for the weekend http:
NeoDement's Winter Collection
Collection by NeoDement
Everything you need to have a very Merry Smissmas
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