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Mar 15 @ 8:29pm
In topic Skip Intro Logos file
Interesting to know that the logos themselves are contained in the "Sound" folder. Also, this appears to prove something interesting: You don't have to unpack the .pak file to have the game load the custom files. This new knowledge will help save hard drive space and time.
Mar 14 @ 7:19pm
In topic Did you abandon game DEVS ?
Originally posted by Noire:
Well RIP this game

Thank you, we appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention.

We understand your concerns regarding the multiplayer within the game and have thoroughly looked into possible solutions. Unfortunately, at this point we are unable to implement any improvements. We sincerely apologize for this.

As we continue to publish more titles on Steam, we will vigilantly strive to learn from our communities on improving multiplayer aspects of our titles. It is both a learning and humbling experience on our end and we appreciate all of the fan feedback we've gotten.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or further feedback. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and your continued support.
Interesting. Where did you quote this from?
Originally posted by Nepola:
Thank you so much I don't know how I missed that, tommorow I'll have to figure out how to edit them.
If you want to edit them, you'll have to get a copy of Unreal Engine 4.13. Thankfully, Unreal keeps older versions of UE4 on their launcher that can be freely downloaded at any time. I think you'll have to create an account first, though.

Cooking the texture isn't too hard: After opening UE4.13, create a new project, drop the texture into the project (make sure to save the files afterward), cook the project and grab the appropriate texture file from the directory the project was made in. I suggest naming the texture something that can be easy to find, like UI_ComonKeyIcon00Replace_TEX.

As for replacing the texture that's in-game, you'll have to consult with others on that. Make sure to remove "Replace" though if you decide to use that name, so it can properly replace the texture you're attempting to overwrite.
Mar 14 @ 3:36pm
In topic Level 1 run.
Nice work! Congrats on completing a Level 1 Run.
The textures are most likely located in content/UI/Widget/Common. I see a few files like "UI_ComonKeyIcon00_TEX.uasset". The button textures should be 32x32 in size.
Mar 12 @ 4:19pm
In topic GG2 release
An actual release date! Color me a bit surprised.

Now if only there was a way to get a hold of the files. I wonder how much could be transferred over to...
Mar 8 @ 3:33pm
In topic Did you abandon game DEVS ?
This is reminding me of Gal*Gun Double Peace all over again.

To note: Devs released GGDP, all was well for a time. An update comes along that adds a crap-ton of uniforms to the game, and suddenly bugs and glitches come out of the woodwork with 'promises' of a fix on the horizon. Still no legitimate fixes to to the apparent issues to this day.
Mar 7 @ 4:09pm
In topic Save Editor
An interesting idea, Draken, although I personally don't know of such a project in the works. I think it'd be a neat program for content creators/modders to start on alongside other modifications.

What would be needed first is an understanding of how the save files are internally structured. After that, several save files detailing the amount of items on said file(s) with locations reached, party member levels, total EXP, total currency, etc etc, to be compared between each other.
Mar 5 @ 11:13am
In topic Uzume playable in Multiplayer?
Originally posted by Kuugenthefox:
What format are the models in? And are they inside a container that has to be repacked or are they standalone?
Action U and Blanc VS had really easy to mess around with setups where the body and the head were separate files, making for easy swapping like giving Vert's body to Ram but retaining her head.
The models are in .uasset format, but can be extracted to .psk with UModel without having to unpack the .pak first.

As for model swaps, I think those are possible to an extent but I'm unsure of what could be done without unpacking the .pak first.
Mar 5 @ 3:59am
In topic How do I look under the skirt???
Originally posted by Algester:
PANTSU?! NANI?! this isnt some weab JP game thats stuck in Japan where taking Pantsu shots is infact a gameplay mechanic...
That's left to Gal*Gun VR! :ggshinobu:

(To note, you can get achievements for taking upskirt pics with an in-game phone in Gal*Gun VR)
Mar 3 @ 1:29pm
In topic Rip Models for VR Chat?
Originally posted by Blanc:
Do you need to do that in Blender/3DS max?
Yes, I'm afraid.
Mar 3 @ 1:20pm
In topic Rip Models for VR Chat?
Originally posted by Blanc:
Doesn't VRCHAT already have the older models?

To get these you probably need something to unpack that big .pak file in the folder.
UModel can do the trick. Thing is though that the models will have to be pieced together since they're separated (Face, Eyes, Hair and Body).
Feb 28 @ 6:57pm
In topic HDD Forms
Originally posted by Sh!t Just Got Real:
there is no HDD form in this game the HDD forms are separated characters, this game is a scam don't buy it
Curious. How do you think this game is a scam, other than a borked netcode that will most likely be fixed soon-ish and game design choices that you probably don't agree with?
Feb 28 @ 6:31pm
In topic How do I look under the skirt???
Originally posted by chinesebandit:
WHAT GAME, I mean what game are you refering to?
Well I don't really like mentioning it, but I thought it'd be obvious enough with my account.

Gal*Gun VR is the game, though taking pictures of pantsu is not the primary goal (though it can be habit-forming). Also a note: There's not much content in GGVR, and it's being upgraded into another game called Gal*Gun 2, releasing 'late in spring' on consoles (March 15th in Japan, however).
Feb 28 @ 6:26pm
In topic How do I look under the skirt???
Originally posted by chinesebandit:
Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Now I can stare into all the lolis pantsu :Pantsu:
Heh heh. Well, whatever works for you. Also, if you get VR sometime in the future, there is an arcade-like VR game with the ability to take snapshots of pantsu. Just for your information. :ggshinobu:

To note: Said game can be played without a VR headset, but you're limited in what can be done overall.
Feb 28 @ 5:36pm
In topic How do I look under the skirt???
Kubikiri is correct. Also, the mention of angling the camera upwards is done during a side-event with Neptune and the gang.
Feb 28 @ 5:26pm
In topic Uzume playable in Multiplayer?
Originally posted by NN$Neptune:
Ploot is in the game but not playable AFAIK. Have to scour the game's files to see if they left a secret in there
I'll do just that now, see if I can find some relative outfit in the files.

EDIT: Found nothing so far, but it seems the devs did a trick to the characters in the field: Their eyes are separate from the head and are swapped with other relative eye models when needed.

EDIT 2: Sadly, I don't see a model file relating to anyone but the main 8 characters. Interestingly, I did find a texture of the overworld map: 2880 x 2025. If anyone wants it, I'll post a link at a later time today/tonight. Just need to look through the files some more. Last bit: There appears to be no "GalleryCG05". I wonder what it could've been?
Feb 28 @ 2:30pm
In topic Why no animated still scenes?
The VN-like scenes, you mean? Those used "Cubism Live2D" if I recall, which Unreal Engine is not supported for.

Believe me when I say that I am as bummed out as many others are. Indeed, the little movements and eye-blinks brought a whole new bit of life to the scenes in the previous games.
Feb 28 @ 6:18am
In topic Uzume playable in Multiplayer?
Do they have 3D models of any sort? If so, something can be rigged up for them in time. If not, then a custom mesh will have to be made for them (or one taken from MegaDimension).

Although not official, that is something modding can temporarily fill in: The need to see a specific character in a game.
Feb 28 @ 5:13am
In topic Modding potential?
UModel. Unreal Engine 4.13. Texture files seem to be labeled _TEX, which makes locating them easier. Also, if someone manages to unpack the .pak file, then we can have a method for not only zero intro movies, but also faster load times.
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