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It happened, now you have a visual representation of what is happening in the CatLadys head! Seriously, the plot - Girl got dumped by her boyfriend *for no visible reason* and what should she do now? Of course find some love in her pets - pig, cat, parrot and rabbit. Emotional brake hits so hard so animals become handsome boys, and our girl instantly starts making out with them (you can even do lewd things :O ), where else you will find such a gem?

+Quite unique story reminding *Fruits basket* but it has completely different plot
+You can make out with cat, pig, rabbit, parrot OR even your Ex-boyfriend who dumped you for no reason. 10/10 would become cat lady again.
+Music is nice
+VN is pretty long
+You can get laid and get some ecchi scenes
+Steam achivements
-There are lot of mistakes at least in english version of the game, like misspels of the words, or even wrong usage of them :| For such a long novell it's a huge minus
-Comparing to all the previous Dogenzaka Lab releases those boys drawings doesnt look very good, as well as backgrounds.
-Likeability meter in this game is very confusing 1st bunch of chapters doesnt affect the meter in any way, I've tryed different answers and was still at 0% then I got to 15% and got laid at 15% ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, and I got the happy end after completing the whole route with 26% likeability, it's not helping :|

Short conclusion - this game has a unique plot and covers some special fetishes :) but it has plenty of bugs, it is a good buy if you really like your cat or pig after all :)

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I 👀find your nostrils👃oh so attractive 😩 I want them😋 to be inside😣 of me 💦😡 I want to feel 👆every breath👄🗣 you take in my anus😘😤 and when u exhale 🙆‍♂️💨 I want it to hit 💢💢 the walls 🥊⛩of my rectum 🍑😏👌
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I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend
[Doomguy] Jun 20 @ 12:50pm 
Так и знал,надо было 3 жирных закинуть.
izan Jun 19 @ 9:35pm 
I 😍 love 💗 Brazilians 🇧🇷 they be speakin 🗣porch of geese 🐤 n I be like 👅💦💦💦 damn daddy 👶 quack quack 🐥
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