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Gilles   Paris, Ile-de-France, France
Like many, I trade games for fun . :steamhappy:
For maximum optimization of your fun times -- check out https://lestrades.com . :vella:
For history buffs, I wrote Kyodai Mahjongg [kyodai.com] in 1997 and the Wedge [wedge.org] forum system in 2010.
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I've never watched the 'main' Wakfu show, so I have no idea who this Nox guy is to them.
But I'm a fan of Masaaki Yuasa, Eungyoung Choi and Michio Mihara, which brought me to watching this short of theirs a few years ago and be mesmerized by it.
All I can say is, at barely half a buck for 20+ minutes of pure visual madness in 1080p, it was a mandatory purchase for me. Plus-- trading cards. Even cheaper then.

And watch Kaiba! Absolutely funtastic show from the same staff!
And Mindgame! The movie that started it all!
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