Kyle Cavanaugh   Antarctica
Things you can do;
Not Scam me
Trade with me
Idk what else but probably more

Things you CAN NOT do;
Be rude on my profile
Harass me or my friends
Try to scam me
Idk what else here either

Any violations of things you can't do will result in a block and report :P

(I just did this because wynaut and because other reasons.)
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GhostlyGils 2 hours ago 
haha you really think that was my full power? don’t make me go super saiyan on you becuz you will lose haha!
GhostlyGils 2 hours ago 
ur mum haha dude I will make roast you more if you don’t give me my robux bak.
GhostlyGils 2 hours ago 
this man scammed me guys, he stole my 1000000000 robux, is pls don’t trust me or else he will scam you robux too!!! pls can I have my robux bak dude I already tried contacting roblox support but they said they couldn’t help me. I already told my mom but she told me I was a failure. this man is a wanted criminal pls don’t let him steal you robux too!!!!!!!!
SovietSlander Mar 22 @ 2:16pm 
This guy: Please don't scam me, seriously my guy, don't scam me
SovietSlander Feb 21 @ 5:47am 
Patrick was the only good character
Power_Usage Feb 14 @ 5:29pm 
Personally, I think the +rep system is kind of dumb. It can't truly be trusted, and because of that fact, I will no longer +rep on anyones profile. lol I honestly have no idea why I put that here...
anyway this guy is pretty chill, and he knows what he is doing, unlike me of course.