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Why does this game have to be so good.

I'm way too happy that Rocksteady managed to fix the game (at least most of it) after the horrible launch. When I first played the game on the launch day the game was 10-20FPS and all I could do was just hope it didn't crash. I still finished the game and didn't regret buying it at all just because of how good the game itself is.

The game has improved almost every aspect the previous Arkham games had: the combat is smoother than ever, there are loads of new enemy types and the enemies seem to be so much smarter now. You can do lots of new shenanigans with your gadgets and the environment that I was actually struggling with having to decide which approach to take in each enemy encounter. Technically the game is so good it actually felt a bit bad to back to Arkham Asylum, even though it's my personal favourite.

Storywise the game isn't bad either. There's the supposedly new enemy, Arkham Knight, who's working with Scarecrow to finally take down Batman and have Gotham City for themselves. There are a lot of obvious plot twists, but what the game lacks in story is definitely redeemed by Batman sharing his brain with Joker, which ends up being the biggest reason why the screenwriting in this game is maybe the best in the series so far. All main missions are so memorable and have varying milieus, so they all feel fresh and intriguing. Also the dialogue is so well written it's insane.

Although it really is a scumbag move from Rocksteady to make the true ending unseeable without having to deal with ALL of the side missions. That wouldn't be half bad if it didn't include the side missions without a proper story (e.g. Own the Roads) that also are way too long to not get bored with. Not to mention that nobody should be FORCED to solve all the Riddler mysteries since it's definitely the most time-consuming and challenging part of the game. At least most of the side missions are really fun!

However what annoys me the most is how much you actually have to use the Batmobile. The combat is enjoyable and the car is goddamn cool, but having to use it in almost all of the boss fights and way too many Riddler puzzles is just too much. The car is great and I know Rocksteady wanted to show it off, but enough is enough. It might also be that I'm bad, but with a keyboard and a mouse the steerability could be a bit better too.

There is a lot of fun to be had. The characters are great, the graphics are beyond beautiful, the actual gameplay is better than ever and there are many new gimmicks (like getting to fight with two characters) that make the game feel all fresh and new. I love the writing, the fanservice, Mark Hamill, everything.

So if you want to see Bruce Wayne's parents dead for the fourth time, go ahead and get the game!
Posted March 15, 2017.
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I'm annoyed.

I really like Batman. A lot. I'm not a hardcore fan who's read loads of comic books and knows every single detail of all the different universes - but still I am so annoyed. The only thing that makes this piece feel like a Batman game is the game's title.

The base of the story is quite ok. It's nice how Telltale tried to do something different by changing the setting a bit (let's say it was interesting) and not using the usual character stereotypes but... Telltale tried way too much to make the game feel so DIFFERENT and unique that it feels like most of it is made half♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Too many ideas and characters' side plots have been thrown together and nothing has been concentrated on well enough. Some episodes feel like they have too much story progression and so little time, while some episodes were so boring I literally fell asleep. Very poor pacing is a huge part of the reason why the story didn't feel that great - and I'm not even mentioning the awful "romance" Telltale apparently wanted to force here.

However I think the characters were even weaker. The dialogue really doesn't do them justice, since now it just feels like everyone's equally boring and have none of their typical charisma (e.g. Bruce Wayne as the charismatic playboy). What makes me even sadder is that the voice actors in this game are REALLY good, but it sounds like they had wrong characters casted for them - not sure if this is the actors' choice or what the director wanted. For example I absolutely adore Troy Baker's work, but him as Bruce Wayne didn't feel right. Him as the Joker would've been a dream come true. But all in all the characters felt really off anyway, as if they were made in a hurry.

The game did also have the typical Telltale problems. You as the player have barely any say in what's going to happen in the game. Regardless of your choices things are going to go just as the game wants, and that really wouldn't be a problem if "the story is tailored by how you play" didn't sound like more than just small bits of dialogue would change.

I hardly enjoyed playing the game at all. I actually like QTEs quite a lot, but in this game there were way too much of those. That's not quality content, it's just being lazy. It doesn't matter if there's a cool fight going on in the background if I have to pay attention to the constant on-screen prompts. Between the QTE scenes you'll have to sit through the somewhat boring dialogue or do some detective "puzzles" that the game almost fully solves for you. Playing games should be fun and story driven games should make you ponder stuff. I got neither of those feelings.

I waited for this game more than any other Telltale game before and in the end this was the worst one I've played so far... and I was kind enough not to mention the FPS and crashing problems I had. There were some interesting ideas but they were really poorly executed. I wasn't THE Batman, I was your typical american guy who just wanted to put on an animal suit. I really hope that if and when season 2 ever comes that Telltale knows to cram less stuff into one game and tries to focus better on what they already have. Quality over quantity, please.
Posted December 28, 2016.
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It's really hard to decide whether I should recommend the game or not, so let's put it this way: if you like gorgeous looking games, the game is on sale AND if you have a friend to play this with, go ahead and play.

All in all the graphics are really, really neat and the story is pretty and interesting, but almost everything in the controls rubs me the wrong way. Slippery, unresponsive controls and suicidal AI (when playing alone) really isn't a good combination in a platformer that tries to make you hurry so you don't die horribly. And I'm pretty sure I don't even have to mention the bugs (falling through the world, getting stuck between walls). Most of the game's charm comes from watching the scenery, quite frankly.

Even though I did find the educational videos you unlock through playing quite interesting you really don't need the game specifically to hear all those stories. You can always read books or look stuff up on the internet. It still is a really nice touch that makes me wish the game itself was better just so I could say I love it.

I myself enjoyed the game but didn't really think I had gone through anything exceptionally good. The game isn't exactly BAD, it just doesn't do what it should be doing the right way. The cultural value and the pretty graphics make the game worth the while, but is it something to remember after some years? Not really.
Posted June 18, 2015. Last edited April 21, 2017.
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I don't even know where to start. At first I thought I'd get a typical space adventure with laser beams and stuff, but what I actually got was beyond all my expectations. First of all the story is great. It keeps gradually developing between the games and keeps the player intrigued at all times. We all have played at least one of those games that keep you wide awake through the whole night, and this truly is one of those. Even after finishing the game there are loads of fascinating lore waiting to be read and trust me, it's worth it.

Sadly if you're not interested in talking to people wholeheartedly or just don't care about the dialogue that much, you'll miss most of the game's charm since most of the important stuff happen during conversations. Some things tend to get complicated really fast if you decide to skip even a few important dialogues. And sometimes just listening to random NPCs was enough to keep me entertained, even if it didn't have anything to do with the mission itself. The amount of work that has been put into the dialogue really pays off, and I barely remember times when talking with someone didn't put a smile on my face.

Probably the thing that made the game for me were the characters. I found something intriguing in all of them (even if Kelly Chambers deserves death for "you have new messages" when there are none) and I couldn't wait for getting to do their loyalty missions and actually making them my friends rather than just comrades during the war. Only some of them started to grow on me. The more I talked with them the more I started to love them to bits... especially Tali, Garrus and Mordin. I actually started to feel like I wanted to keep them alive and protect them at all costs, and that's when you know they're well made.

After playing the first game the controls feel so smooth and not complicated at all, so there's nothing to complain about. During combat the only flaw I found was that at times Shepard seemed to be unable to follow the instructions and just died without jumping over a simple obstacle, but those things happen. Also the AI might seem a bit idiotic, but that probably can be corrected by choosing a higher difficulty setting.

And oh god, the replay value. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to how you want to play. Different classes, gender, decisions, romances... everything can be played differently and affects things in different ways. In most games the only thing you can affect is whether you want to be the good samaritan or not, and that's it. This is the first time I've ever felt that by replaying I might actually achieve something I didn't the last time I played, even if it'd take another 30 hours of my life.

The graphics were really good too, even if Bioware still tends to overuse the blur effect. Overall the game is pretty and really pleases the eye. There simply aren't reasons why someone shouldn't at least try the game out - except if you aren't ready for the bumpy ride Mass Effect 1 first wants to offer you.

tl;dr Awesome calibrating simulator. 95/100
Posted March 18, 2015.
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I loved Saints Row III, but finishing IV was hard. Really.

The game is almost exactly like III with a red filter and aliens planted all over it. The humour hasn't changed at all, which I guess isn't only a bad thing. The game looks almost the same and kind of feels the same, so what's the catch?

All the missions felt like replaying everything all over again. All the side quests were just different minigames in a different order, again and again. Fully completing all missions was a pain in the♥♥♥♥♥ not fun at all. Only a few main missions felt exciting and fun to play, since sometimes you actually got to do something new for a change. Everything was just too damn repetitive and messy.

Maybe the worst thing about this game were the superpowers. It can be just me, but I really prefer these GTA-like games with a more "realistic" touch. Killing enemies wasn't even a challenge anymore and all of the vehicles were just useless. There was no point in using any vehicle when you could just jump around. I liked some of the features, but at times they were either overpowered or making things that made SR3 fun only useless. For example Insurance Fraud used to be fun as hell, but now it was just pressing one button and waiting.

Even though I really shouldn't say that Saints Row's plot is the most important thing I guess we all can say that now it made even less sense than before - and only in a weird way. All the aliens and the paraller world things just felt lame. Everything that made SR3 so fun and "random" was pushed even further to create something really unimaginative. But I guess it just wasn't my cup of tea. So maybe the problem just was that the game was more like a huge DLC than a full game.

Also this may be the buggiest game I've seen for a while. Some achievements don't come at all even if all of the requirements have been fulfilled and in multiplayer the other player keeps disconnecting multiple times when playing an instance. Everything keeps teleporting and enemies may fall through floors etc. It wouldn't be a problem if it didn't happen all the time.

I don't see any replay value or anything that could keep me playing longer than the main story lasts. :D Except for the ice cream gun. And finding clusters. I really could just play SR3 and forget about this one.
Posted December 2, 2014.
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Despite the fact that the game is somewhat buggy, it has offered me one of the most hilarious gaming experiences I've ever had. The only rule is not to question ANYTHING that happens while playing. Now if you excuse me, I have more cars to blow up!
Posted June 13, 2014.
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