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Eh what's there really to say apart from the Story and atmosphere is really good but probably has the most repetitive gameplay in years. fun for the first few hours but f*ck me the gameplay really does drag on
Posted February 18.
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Early Access Review
Spawned in. Got called an ugly c*nt by a 12 year old. made drums play Slim Jesus then drowned 11/10
Posted February 2.
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Well im am giving this a positive review but just remember that this is definently the weakest Borderlands game of the trio probably due to 2K Australia producing it which in return ended with the company being finished.

The Pre-Sequel is the Pre-Sequel (No Sh*t Sherlock) to the previous games and shows Borderlands 2's main villain Handsome Jack and shows the story as to how he lost his utter nut and went ballistic turning into the Main looney of Borderlands 2. The game being made by 2K Australia has most of the NPC's you meet in the game be Australian and make hilarious stereotypes including a gun being voiced by Shazza from 'Housos' In terms of gameplay it is pretty much the same as the previous Borderlands just with the inclusion of 'Oz Kits' Mini jetpacks to help you move through the landscape due to there being no gravity on the moon (BTW Its set on the moon)

Some heavy downsides include the fact that farming enemies was so detrimental to borderlands 2 and having it removed and replaced with a weapons grinder system which threw a lot of people off of the game (Myself included at times) The DLC is pretty mediocre and can drag on a bit so probably worth getting if it ever goes on sale.

In all honestly purchase Borderlands 2 (It is 10 times better) And if you enjoy loving it as much as people such as myself do then get the Pre Sequel as it has numerous nods to Borderlands 2 which helps the immersion of the game.
Posted January 28.
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Ok well i currently cant play much as my internet is screwing up severely but the hell with it.
Hitman has been one of those adventure games which up to 90% of people like as you can either assasinate people using a slew of interesting mechanics such as
Food poisining
Dropping a chandelier on someone
Breaking screws and using items to kill people
Or just straight up snipe some fools

OR If you are just a lazy ritalin popping Call Of Duty addict who can't play a game for more than 5 seconds if something has not blown up just equip an Assault Rifle, A garrot wire and a giant paving slab and recreate a Left 4 Dead campaign.

The maps are very well designed and this is probably the best time to purchase Hitman as all maps have been released now so there is a very varied sprawling levels in all corners of the world from Sydney to Paris. The online spectrum is based off of a certain NPC in the level which you need to kill in a certain time period using a select method to keep the maps and killing exploration a lot more worth it.

The main downside for this game is the story is pretty mediocre and the fact that you have to be ALWAYS online to run the game due to the constant new NPC assasination episodes. (Hence why im unable to play much currently)

In short if you're a fan of the Hitman games get this but you're probably still better off playing Blood Money if you're new and want the best Hitman game for a cheaper price to see if you'll enjoy the series,.
Posted January 28.
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Ok 1400 Hours hear lets go through the games pros and cons.
- Map design for 90% of the maps is well balanced
- Most weapons take skill to actually learn the recoil
- Prime matchmaking fixed the smurf/hacking problem
- Servers quite consistent without drops in connection
- Workshop is thriving with great maps and game modes to play
- The console has numerous ways to fiddle about with the game

Cons - Non prime matchmaking is 90% of the time cheaters
- Ranking system has been ruined thanks to the derank storm months back
- Every update recently has made the game worse due to not fixing the broken sh*t
- Weapons such as the p90,Five seven,Mag-7 and other smgs are all ridiculously overpowered
- No new Operation for 9 months
- The updated versions of maps are horrible
-One of the worst online communities in gaming history
-The Anticheat system has never been changed so is complete cancer
-Valve seems more interested in making the game look nicer rather than fix all the sh!t i have posted currently
-They microcharge you for so much worthless crap
-64 Tick servers instead of 128 tick
- The hitboxes are still poor
-They have it set so that report bots can get you vac banned because of their poor anti cheat

Honestly the game is fairly poor worth getting if 50% off but wouldnt bother with it especially with all that 'Its a classic bs' Above average game valve doesnt care about because it isnt dota so they dont fix anything.
Posted January 21.
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Decent game looks very nice however it is the most unskilled game on the steam market. No finesse is required as it all 100% lucky bounces not worth the actual price would only get if its 40% or more off.
Posted January 17.
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It ♥♥♥♥ing sucks it cost me nothing but it was still a waste of money
Posted December 4, 2016.
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