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This DLC is really a Love it or Hate it Campaign and unfortunately it falls into the latter for me.
I can really see why this dlc can get a lot of respect but i'm going to try weigh out the pros and cons.

-The atmosphere is fantastic set in a dark city of the damned.
-The end game loot supply is worth roughly 36k Caps in gold bars.
- Really stands out in terms of difficulty in comparison to all other dlcs fallout has to offer (More so in Hardcore mode as
your health fades away after certain times spent outside near smog.
- Managing to trap Father Elijah in the vault never loses its charm.

- Really horrible side characters seemed designed just to♥♥♥♥♥♥you off and with no real care that you're all going to die.
- The city is really nice but then becomes a giant track around and you just end up mindlessly wandering back and forth.
- The added stealth sections just get randomly thrown in and the constant destroying of Collar Alarms just becomes a
grind in mashing the Quicksave button running out looking for them and repeating the process if you die
- Practically no change in enemies in the entire game (As soon as you get a bear trap fist the game may as well roll the
credits as any Ghost that tries to attack you will be f*cked all the way to Narnia)
- The games pace is incredibly off putting when one mistake will practically destroy any element of stealth for the next 5
minutes when you're just retard fisticuffing your way through the enemies.
- Father Elijah sounds as interesting as a History Teacher with an addiction to Sleeping tablets.

Although a bold change for the series, Dead Money was a dissapointment to myself. Again it seems to be a love it or hate DLC but if you want a change from the regular play style it's definetly worth it.
Posted July 2.
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By far the weakest of the Borderlands 2 DLCs.

Although the game style is incredibly unique set in a dark tribal style arena, The area is heavily let down by the following.
-The story is very lackluster and doesnt have the Borderlands style charm which was so heavy to the previous and future
-The final bossfight is an absolute joke and flat out not fun in any way.
-The enemies are incredibly cheap with upgraded Witch Doctors constantly fully healing surrounding enemies as well as the
hitboxes for savages being incredibly broken.
-The new vehicle handles as smoothly as going from 5th gear to reverse and back
-Only one farmable weapon in the game which is worth anything being the 'Rough Rider' shield the rest of the weapons are all gimmicky 'Hammerlock' feel weapons being bolt action or incredibly slow fire rate Jakobs brand weapons. In the OP levels where enemy health regens and you need a constant damage over second effect to kill enemies it makes these weapons Obsolete.
-The easter egg Raid Boss Dexiduo can be spawned in by running around the map finding 4 furnaces in which you spend 25ish eridian each time to spawn him in, Is an incredibly annoying boss to fight and you get absolutely nothing worthless if you kill him (This can be changed by downloading youtuber 'craig's Borderlands 2 Community Patch in which case he can drop the Lady Fist pistol.
-While the area is a nice change the map is quite large and at times requires a lot of running with a whole lot of nothing to kill making the long treks boring.
-The 'Twister' shotgun is a fairly decent weapon however the method in getting one is incredibly boring and tedious. (In total you have less than a 2% chance each time you quit and rejoin farming the Omnd-Omnd-Ohk mini boss which is a fully leveled up Savage enemy to even make him spawn and even then it isnt a guarenteed drop)
-The raid boss Voracidious The Invincible is the most annoying and cheap boss Borderlands has ever seen, Add in that a poor loot pool makes fighting/farming him practically worthless

As for positives i can really only give a few which is a shame as Borderlands 2 is one of my favourite games of all time.

-The Interfacer is a beast of a shotgun but is the Seraph Vendors weapon so only Seraph Crystal farming there.
-Kind of funny to watch snowflakes on the internet cry racism at this DLC due to the 'Savage' enemy not that it's in the games favour but it should take all the positives it gets at this point.
-Is pretty fun to Rocket/Grenade jump around the map as the skybox and clipping is incredibly wonky yet again not really a point in it's favour.

At time of writing Borderlands 2 Game Of The Year is on sale until July 6th for 17$ And is worth every penny. However if you own some dlc's you can skip out on this one as you are missing out on absolutely nothing of value.

Posted June 28.
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Press F to desecrate the decaying corpse of Rockstar.
Posted June 21.
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If you go into the mindset of being a complete ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and sarcastically responding to everybody you meet you'll have a pretty fun time.
Posted May 29.
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After 20 minutes of playtime Preston Garvey hated me and despises me now.

Posted May 17.
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Early Access Review
Pretty fun to use but all the lonely asians and 15 year old white kids who get bullied at your school spam weaboo pictures so it's annoying to find actually cool wallpapers.
Posted February 28.
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Eh what's there really to say apart from the Story and atmosphere is really good but probably has the most repetitive gameplay in years. fun for the first few hours but f*ck me the gameplay really does drag on
Posted February 18.
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Early Access Review
Spawned in. Got called an ugly c*nt by a 12 year old. made drums play Slim Jesus then drowned 11/10
Posted February 2.
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Well im am giving this a positive review but just remember that this is definently the weakest Borderlands game of the trio probably due to 2K Australia producing it which in return ended with the company being finished.

The Pre-Sequel is the Pre-Sequel (No Sh*t Sherlock) to the previous games and shows Borderlands 2's main villain Handsome Jack and shows the story as to how he lost his utter nut and went ballistic turning into the Main looney of Borderlands 2. The game being made by 2K Australia has most of the NPC's you meet in the game be Australian and make hilarious stereotypes including a gun being voiced by Shazza from 'Housos' In terms of gameplay it is pretty much the same as the previous Borderlands just with the inclusion of 'Oz Kits' Mini jetpacks to help you move through the landscape due to there being no gravity on the moon (BTW Its set on the moon)

Some heavy downsides include the fact that farming enemies was so detrimental to borderlands 2 and having it removed and replaced with a weapons grinder system which threw a lot of people off of the game (Myself included at times) The DLC is pretty mediocre and can drag on a bit so probably worth getting if it ever goes on sale.

In all honestly purchase Borderlands 2 (It is 10 times better) And if you enjoy loving it as much as people such as myself do then get the Pre Sequel as it has numerous nods to Borderlands 2 which helps the immersion of the game.
Posted January 28.
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Ok well i currently cant play much as my internet is screwing up severely but the hell with it.
Hitman has been one of those adventure games which up to 90% of people like as you can either assasinate people using a slew of interesting mechanics such as
Food poisining
Dropping a chandelier on someone
Breaking screws and using items to kill people
Or just straight up snipe some fools

OR If you are just a lazy ritalin popping Call Of Duty addict who can't play a game for more than 5 seconds if something has not blown up just equip an Assault Rifle, A garrot wire and a giant paving slab and recreate a Left 4 Dead campaign.

The maps are very well designed and this is probably the best time to purchase Hitman as all maps have been released now so there is a very varied sprawling levels in all corners of the world from Sydney to Paris. The online spectrum is based off of a certain NPC in the level which you need to kill in a certain time period using a select method to keep the maps and killing exploration a lot more worth it.

The main downside for this game is the story is pretty mediocre and the fact that you have to be ALWAYS online to run the game due to the constant new NPC assasination episodes. (Hence why im unable to play much currently)

In short if you're a fan of the Hitman games get this but you're probably still better off playing Blood Money if you're new and want the best Hitman game for a cheaper price to see if you'll enjoy the series,.
Posted January 28.
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