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Papa Tinzal 7月9日 0時14分 
Lol mate, I beat you fair and square, you have a giant cry at me for winning like a sook and could not accept the L. You didnt deserve to win. I look forward to not being banned :)
Rocketnutz 7月8日 4時53分 
Report this guy, unsportsman like cheater. Assists enemy player to win because he's bad at games.
Youtube BroManDude 1月27日 6時28分 
-Rep Wont Send NUDES! :(
Stephen Paddock 2016年8月26日 8時14分 
Also part owner of csgo lotto
Junior2k 2016年7月10日 20時10分 
+rep fucking great csgo player
candles 2015年10月8日 21時56分 
Scar 20 Cyrex (fac new) for Mac 10 fade?