jfm Meyers   Mandeville, Louisiana, United States
a lazy programmer with way too much time on his hands. Who loves to mod every game he can.
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Advocated Edict Mar 19 @ 9:00am 
Hi mister~ <3
ᴀʀᴄᴛɪᴄ🌀Shark Mar 12 @ 10:37am 
You might want to continue the Crack Mesa mod. There will be a large boom in popularity due to youtubers playing it and you can only gain from this experience. If I were you, I would consider working on mods AND enjoying your other passions as well. Trust me, don't want to through away the opportunity that you were given. Being a furry is a short term deal (although i understand it may not seem like it to you at this point). I am telling you this for a reason: don't make choices you will regret - A former furry.

You have a talent, don't waste it.
Biggie Cheese Mar 6 @ 9:17am 
Maybe we friend each other again one day?
golgothas Jun 5, 2016 @ 6:36pm 
Hey there goodra guy

I know chemistry and stuff

Vixxystix May 17, 2016 @ 1:30am 
Rakanishu Apr 16, 2016 @ 2:45pm 
I see how it is... So you just dont give a flying fuck about a guy who pretty much was a brother to you and always had your back and always joked around and had fun with you since 2012. I went to anthrocon with you even though I wasnt a furry. I supported you and everything you did and you suddenly want nothing to do with me. I hope becoming a furry was worth it cause you just lost a really good friend.