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Moy and the Rice Farmers - 69th in UGC Steel

Open S18: Squid Squad, Demo
IM S19: SYOPS TF2, Demo
Open S22: Not Around Bears, Demo *4th Place
IM S23: dunheon defenders, Demo *2nd Place
Invite S24: mario party 4, Demo starter/sub *Half-season *5th Place
IM S24: Dexter's Lab, Demo sub *2nd Place
Invite S25: LunatiK eSports, Demo *Half-season

Open S4: Dave__AC Fan Club, Demo
Open S5: Monday Hangover, Demo/Roamer

Mercenaries Cup 7: Club Penguin Crusaders, Demo *1st Place, Undefeated

Silver S12: Quick Light, Demo/Pocket
Silver S13: Red Noise, Demo
Silver S14: Housewives, Roamer *2nd Place
Gold S15: Quick Light, Pocket *3rd Place

EVL Summer Battle Royale 4v4: Possum @ the Disco, Demo *1st Place
FACEIT Opening Tourney 6v6: dunheon defenders, Demo *4th-8th Place

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mana: moy more like moyst god so gross

presticide: omg
presticide: youre the moy from moy and the rice farmers??
presticide: i thought that was some NA team
.moyboy: oh my god

meme guy: yo imagine
meme guy: you're down 0-4
meme guy: and you say "this isn't even my final form"
meme guy: and lose 5-0
Moy (be back 1.7.17): LOL

moyfflesaur: having social competence is for those who aren't good at tf2
moyfflesaur: ..for the weak
Differ: *gets mad for a second*
Differ: *shrugs and gets laid*
Differ: B)

file: sometimes some bridges need to be burnt to light the way my friend
file: if you cant see that you dont just lose tf2 games you lose the game of life man

Gatsby: lets be real for a second
Gatsby: file
Gatsby: is going to come back
Gatsby: soon
QLG Moy: No
Gatsby: hah
Gatsby: u dont quit tf2
Gatsby: tf2 rapes you and leaves you for dead

scrubadubdubumx: lauren is ugly as fuck
scrubadubdubumx: she sugly
scrubadubdubumx: i mean i would stil fuck her
scrubadubdubumx: but id fuck b4nny first

kent_____: did you go back to the mother country just to be a top tier tf2 player in the country opposed to some ugc nerd!!

Gatsby #ripbrazil: the rape train
Gatsby #ripbrazil: has been unleashed
Gatsby #ripbrazil: 7-0
.moy: get_fuck ok
Gatsby #ripbrazil: I've never in my life
Gatsby #ripbrazil: Seen such a brutal ass fucking.
Gatsby #ripbrazil: And I watch a LOT of porn.

Addicted to Quack ✌: I dont see the issue
Addicted to Quack ✌: if you want me to play like june
Addicted to Quack ✌: I can die every 4 seconds
Addicted to Quack ✌: wont change your team play
Addicted to Quack ✌: at all

[22:34:52] (Private) rapey_mick: im gonna rape you

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Hi i would like a name change for mixchamp