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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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Over 3300 hours on TF2
Done a scrap to an unusual several times
Given away 10 unusuals worth around $600
Broker an unusual
525 accepted priced unusuals on bp.tf
1324 accepted price suggestions on bp.tf
Donated $100 usd to Tip of the Hats 2016
Donated $10 usd to Hugs.tf 2017
Donor on scrap.tf & bp.tf
Over 70,000 reputation points on bp.tf
Rank #10 Contributor on bp.tf
Created 125 raffles on scrap.tf
Been on steam for over 5 years.
Sold and bought items using paypal
Level 61 on steam
Over 6,900 trades.

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TF2 Outpost [www.tf2outpost.com]
Bazaar.tf [bazaar.tf]
Backpack.tf [backpack.tf]
Items selling and buying [backpack.tf]
Scrap.tf [scrap.tf]
Steamrep [steamrep.com]
Rep.tf [rep.tf]
Tumblr [itzmemoose.tumblr.com]
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Game looks like arse. But at least I have a pretty unusual :]
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mai 13 hours ago 
o-ver-pay. not underpay.
anthony Jul 16 @ 8:03pm 
Thank you for the bonk boy, +rep fast and nice :) sorry for not responding much!
NOPE Jul 16 @ 5:29pm 
I send yrade offert :3
Allanon Jul 15 @ 4:32am 
Hi mate, ive sent a pure offer through for you to consider
ADDIRMATIVE Jul 14 @ 1:12am 
Added to report a sale.
Heaven_ Jul 13 @ 3:37pm 
Np with that ^^ Have a nice day tho