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Oh wow.. You actually clicked on me
Now you messed up! Or did you?
Welcome to my profile either way. Hope you find it very... A--ing... haha..

I will be using steam a lot less as far as socializing goes. My profile will stay here in case youd like to see what im about before you add me. Things you can add me on are:

Telegram: ask
Discord: Ask
Skype: ask


My League of Legends name is: Sylverlight
My is : Sylverlight#11836

If im on either of those im most likely playing a game. But i can log on every once in a while to talk to you. Ciao!~ n.n
Stupid quotes:

Sylverlight: can i tell you something?
octavia: sure
Sylverlight: I just want to tell a friend this cause its been bothering me for a while since i hid it for so long
Sylverlight: This isnt easy for me to say, but...
octavia: Go ahead
Sylverlight: I'm a nigger
Sylverlight: ikik its shocking
octavia: God damnit
Sylverlight: LOL


if you read this you're gay
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Name - Sylverlight (Obviously)

Species - Fire Sylveon

Age - 25

Birthday - /

Sexual Orientation - A big gay dominant Sylveon.

Music of choice - Metal/ Powermetal, Video game music, VGM remixes.

Prefered video game genre - I seem to take a liking to ARPG's. Used to play a lot of MMO til i got bored of the grinding. The only thing im not really interested in is FPS. Outside steam i do play heroes of the storm as well as league of legends.

RP/ERP - RP? Depends on if im in the mood. ERP? Thats... under very very rare circumstances that i do it to begin with.



Breakfast - Eggs and cinnamon bagels <3

Lunch/Dinner - Not really too sure on this one. Im not picky at all


Drink - Flavored water or a simple herbal tea with honey.

Favorite Species - Dragons, otters, eeveelutions. <3

Favorite bands - I dont really follow any, but i can say in my days i mostly liked: Anthrology(very recently), within temptation, Amberian Dawn.

Favorite Song - Devoted Soul - Anthrology.

Favorite Quote: "Squadillah! We're off!"

Howdy! Im surprised you made it this far. Thank you so much for making it here. Generally i am a really silly person. I try to crack a corny joke or make a reference to something whenever i can (if you couldnt tell by the info box at the start xD). I like to try playing games with friends when i'm in the mood to do so. Sadly, not a lot of people play the same kinds of games i do so its a bit difficult. I do try to initiate convos a lot, even though im bad at it. Can't blame me for trying, though~

I do try my best to be there for my friends when they are down. It helps a sylvy feel appreciated when i'm someone you can count on to be there. But please... if you're having some silly drama, please spare me from that. I don't want to hear about so and so saying this about who and so on and so forth. But if you are seriously having troubles like it makes you want to cry, please come to me. I'll put aside whatever im doing to help you.

If you want to add me, feel free to do so. I'm down to share anything with ya. All except my RL name (dont ask why please). I look forward to having you on my list! If not.. Well... that's your loss. ;3

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Happy Halloween >:3

xTwoTails Sep 6 @ 2:19am 
Raaaaaawr! <3
A Coated Navo Sep 3 @ 4:42pm 
Hiya... May I add?
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Mostly gonna contact you on discord because you don't usually use steam for talking
djM573 Sep 2 @ 8:21pm 
Oh lookie here, i spy with my eyes a firey sylveon that i know of~ >:3 <3
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xTwoTails Aug 1 @ 4:52pm 
Maaaaaaster Silvy~~~!!! <3