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V4 Changelog:
- Reworked the mesh to be less floopy
- Modeled in the circular logo
- Completely new texture
- Completely new VMT

A generic hat for a generic man. Just don't tell him the intelligence is in a
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Seal Zebra Nov 16 @ 2:14pm 
Sir, I respect you. You made the best engineer hat known to man. Now we can all live out as a drunken hill billy engineers placing sentries in stupid spots. Thank you
Biotracks Oct 24 @ 5:24pm 

I don't want to be too much of a bother but i've been really wanting to get my hands on those medieval props from the medieval community project. However the download links seem to not be working anymore. If you can help fix or provide a new link to the medieval props that would be great. I understood that you wouldn't accept friend requests on steam unless you know them. So I found that writing this to you through your comment section would be a suitable way to communicate to you. (You can definitely delete this comment after words if needed)
Iraq Lobster Oct 17 @ 4:39pm 
You are best person, you made the luigi hat!
robotnikclause Sep 19 @ 6:01pm 
Where did you get the Mario hat idea since what's funny months ago I had the same idea
Ozoch Aug 28 @ 6:26am 
Adding to hopefully show and talk about TF2 item concepts
TinselTown Aug 21 @ 9:32pm 
Hi there, I was wondering if you still had the model for the Speckled Lens ( . I'm working with a group on a Scout taunt and we need a mirror. Since no hand mirror props actually exist on the workshop and the only one on GameBannana is long gone, our options are to mod a similar model or make one ourselves, and since between all of us our knowledge on actually making models is pretty low, but I think I can edit your model into what we need. Of course you'll be credited in the workshop submission if you let us use it. Thank you.