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When I grow up I want to be the guy who narrates the perverts in To Catch a Predator
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Joe May 14 @ 1:12pm 
I never use cussing in 22 years - but the gloves are off. Listen you son of a bitch. What the fuck's your problem? You wanna sit here and say that I'm a goddamn fucking Russian? You get in my face with that I'll beat your goddamn ass you son of a bitch. You piece of shit. You fucking goddamn fucker. Listen fuckhead, you've fucking crossed the line. Get that through your goddamn fucking head. Stop pushing your shit. You're the people who've fucked this country over and gangraped the shit out of it and lost an election, so stop shooting your mouth off claiming that I'm the enemy. You got that you goddamn son of a bitch. Fill your hand, I'm sorry but I'm done. You start calling me a foreign agent, those are fucking fighting words, excuse me.
CupHolder Apr 26 @ 7:02pm 
Who let you inside my hosue you scu2m bbag
Joe Apr 1 @ 3:16pm 
MASTUH DUHVEED Mar 26 @ 4:16pm 
It's COOL to be gay!
Post this on the wall of a homosexual friend and tell them how COOL they are
CupHolder Mar 19 @ 9:55pm 
Planes script
CupHolder Mar 19 @ 9:54pm 
Look alive.
Contact appears to be heading
315 miles.
Speed 430, Angels.
Approximately 2,000.
What's taking this guy so long?
Is he really as good as they say he is?
No. Better.
Oh, yeah!
Whoa! Who was that?
Why, hello, ladies.
Are you ready to lose?
Last one to the water tower
buys a round of fuel.
Tell you what,
I'll give you guys a head start.
- You're going to need it.
- Later, loser.
One one-thousand, two one...
Oh, that's enough.
See ya, suckers!
Eat my...
- Dusty! (COUGHING)
- Oh! Aw...
Pay attention.
You're daydreaming again.
Me? No, no, no! No.
Okay, yes.
But, you know, come on, Leadbottom.
Really? How hard is this?
Fly straight, turn around.
Fly straight, turn around.
Are you disrespecting
the sweet science of aerial application?
Look, I am more than just a crop duster.
Don't go flap-jawing
about that Flings Around the Planet
air racing nonsense again.
DUSTY: Excuse me, it is called
the Wings Around the Globe Rally.