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rg Dec 3 @ 11:11am 
Pretty please leave me lewd comments~ I love to pleasure myself to them~..

Hullo there. I'm a slut as most would put it. A good majority of the time I'm online I'm gonna be riding a cock or two. Please keep in mind I have a lot of people who enjoy fucking me, and I enjoy some more than others. It's mainly a first come first serve basis and I'll play with my favorite ERPers more than others.
phenex Nov 11 @ 6:37am 
The epiphany came to me just the other evening, like countless other craps, I was heaving hard and pushing like a pregnant broad summoning gleams of sweat and stress veins on my forehead. Then, suddenly I simply decided to lift my left leg high while simultaneously arching my torso and leaning my right butt cheek on the toilet. It would seem that this bodily configuration aligned my organs perfectly, creating a pseudo submarine torpedo tube that idiosyncratically mustered each log of excrement into a perfected clean drop into the bowl, resulting in a satisfying splash and a minimal amount of wipes thereafter. Further to this, I hypothesized a bowl movement that didn't require the usual pumping and pushing to eject the last blurb of brown nor a need, which is sometimes required, to 'chop one off' for a quick toilet exit. I shall call this move - the Skywalker.
jude Oct 8 @ 1:01am 
ask alder if he plays cvs2
DEEP 6IX Sep 11 @ 5:50pm 
nelson mandela crip walk
GMK Jun 13 @ 1:24pm 
🚨🚔 thot patrol 🚨🚔 thot patrol 👀 looking for thots...👀😏 none found 🙅🏽🚫☝🏼 🚔 thot patrol 🚨🚔 thot patrol 👀 looking for thots...👀😏 🚨ALERT 🚨 ALERT🚨 THOT🙈 FOUND✊ THOT ON THE LOOSE 🔥🙊SEND⬆⬇ THIS TO 10💢 DEADASS💢 NIGGAS 😤😤DONT😤 LET THIS THOT😂 GET AWAY🍆🍆👇☝
pokemonizepic Jun 10 @ 2:20pm 
i milli rock on any block