Connor   Eugene, Oregon, United States
i like to program stuff []
hey please read this and leave a comment if you want to add me. if you think I'll add you anyway regardless of any comment, go ahead, but don't be surprised if I don't add you. if you want to add me to tell me something that could be left as a comment on my profile, please just leave it as a comment instead. please don't ask me to code things for you. this isn't ScriptFodder [].
i like to keep my friends list minimal, so if i remove you later on if we haven't talked in a while, don't take it personally. please don't send me group invites.
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please read this
read this
if i don't know you, i won't add you. i really like to keep my friends list minimal. please don't add me because you want me on your friends list. if you aren't actually my friend, then i probably won't add you on my friends list. my friends list isn't for random people that happen to be on a server with me.
if you still think you should add me, leave a comment below please!

please don't send me group invites. i will not accept them.

also i don't trade. i suck at trading. unless you're giving me a knife.

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Sans The Skelepun 11. čvn. v 11.49 
Kleiners teleporters it was the first addon I got and it was really cool can you re add the addon
Cute Truffla4 >_< 19. kvě. v 13.05 
pls upload Kleiners Teleporter pleaseee!!!!Its very nice
Seb 6. kvě. v 4.48 
Why did you remove Kleiners Teleporter from the Workshop ? :/
Vienvanva 13. dub. v 16.48 
J. JONAH JAMESON 14. led. v 2.45 
Maybe you could make it so dond asks the player for confirmation to swap or keep, or explain in () which button does what in the HUD text because sometimes the screens under the buttons screw up and you can't see which button does what
mitterdoo 7. led. v 16.30 
i started with roblox's lua environment 9 years ago learning from others' public code. once i knew how a programming language worked, i was able to apply the same thinking to other programming languages and learned them quickly.

knowing a language alone isn't the only thing you should know though, you should also know the environment you're using it in, like roblox or garry's mod. for example: in roblox, you would use "Object.Event:connect( myFunction )" to hook into an event, while in garry's mod you'd use "hook.Add( 'Event', 'Identifier', myFunction )"