United Kingdom (Great Britain)
No one knows what the future holds in life.
We must take that endless bit of darkness and turn it to our advantage.

Do you know lalo, I'm sick of your dirty dictatorship, you believe the fucking master here, I just wanted to be on a lethal league blog and make friends but you, you believe that you're the great host for creating the Server, and you know what? I do not care if you delete me or block me because that only proves that you are a coward? and no, I'm not a troll, so I'll just tell you that you're like all Americans, I understand why donald trump won

god ribs in the over

REMOVE CHECKTHIS remove checkthis you are worst raptor. you are the raptor idiot you are the raptor smell. return to desolaoce. to our desolace cousins you may come our stage. you may live in the traning….ahahahaha ,candys we will never forgeve you. latch rascal FUck but fuck asshole raptor stink candy wolookut wohlokout..raptor 8stock best day of my life. take a bath of corpse raptor..ahahahahahCNADY WE WILL GET YOU!! do not forget turney .chaleng we kill the boss , chaleng return to your precious desolace….hahahahaha idiot raptor and candy smell so bad..wow i can smell it. REMOVE CHECKTHIS FROM THE PREMISES. you will get caught. room+streets+desolace+train=tech candy…you will turney

Ducking mobile, I pressed . Not :-)
Why is there even a :-) button
What purpose does a :-) button serve
I hate that kind of emoji anyways they look so giggling sniff
Fuck you phone I said giving sniff
Giving smug
Fuck it
New copypasta
It's just my ducking rant
I hate everything
This phone is a suit
A shot
Good Gann this piece of garbage asshole piece of sour I hate it

slay has shit tier waifus pass it down
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Myonmu.rar Jul 29 @ 3:45pm 
hmm.. not yet I think, you need to block more and button mash less.
mio Jul 29 @ 3:43pm 
can I become a tru skullgirl now
Myonmu.rar Jul 29 @ 3:42pm 
oh, that is something you do to protect yourself from attacks! now you know fam :3
mio Jul 29 @ 3:40pm 
what is block
Myonmu.rar Jul 29 @ 3:23pm 
uhm... you hold back to block. in case you didnt know how to block
PwNeR1I Jun 19 @ 12:23am 
100% original name