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17 Years old.
1K YouTuber.
1K Tweeter.
Living in a small town.
Web developer and designer.
Graphic Designer and Video Editor.
Rabbits are sexy.
Quit CSGO - 09/02/2017. Sold my Knife, Gave all my skins away to people that didn't have any.
Won a Steam Awards Badge! -

>> Dont go back on the Dreams you follow! <<


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Read Before Adding!
Read Before Adding!.
1. My Skype is private to friends I make videos with and people I work with. Dont ask me for my Skype once adding me.
2. Dont add me just to ask me for permission to use my Software and Engines, I made them for people to use, you dont need permission.
3. Never ask me to Design you a banner, logo or signature. I wont do free designs for anyone outside my friendship group.
4. Dont ask me to build you a website or work on your server. I can only do this for a fee, since it takes up a lot of time and effort coding with LUA.
5. Never ask me to send you PayPal money till sometime. I dont send money to anyone besides the people who recive the payments or donations I make.
6. Dont ask me if you can become Mod / Admin on a server im working for, the only possible way is for you to go onto their website and apply following their terms.
7. Dont harass me. Dont message me every second with questions or facts about myself or other people. Only message me if you need something or its urgent.
8. Dont ask me to add you, dont ask me to add a friend, ill add you or your friend if I want to, asking me to add people will be an instant block.
9. Dont invite me to trades, I dont trade items anymore since they made this Authenticator, I think its stupid all the verification you need to do in order to trade un-wanted junk.
10. Don't judge me. If you're adding me to tell me something I dont want to hear, save yourself the time, and find something better to do. I can't be bothered adding people who are just going to take the piss out of anything I have or will do. You will be removed and blocked for life.
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[NN] Sky Rizzo Apr 21 @ 4:49am 
You're so nice man. :3
My profile is a lie Apr 19 @ 4:07pm 
Not as much as you my dude. Nj
[NN] Sky Rizzo Apr 19 @ 3:01pm 
Awh, thanks man, I'm sure you have!! <3
My profile is a lie Apr 16 @ 2:39pm 
Yeah, you have alot of talent since you're only 17, I'm almost as old as you and I've done nothing with my life xD
[NN] Sky Rizzo Apr 15 @ 8:40pm 
Updated my Artwork to a gif. <3
[NN] Sky Rizzo Apr 13 @ 4:32pm 
Awh, thanks Antitheus! <3