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Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.

nood p1cs [imgur.com]

Steam sometimes doesn't like to show me offline messages, so if I accidentally ignored you, I'm sorry <3

♔ UGC Highlander Season 10 – The Hooliganz [thz-] (2nd/EU Silver) – Heavy
♔ Wireplay Highlander Season 11 – The One Round Wonders [¹ᴿᵂ] (3rd/Div 2) – Medic
♔ ETF2L Highlander Season 5 – I'm Günna Dank Et [DANK!] (3rd/Div 3) – Medic
♔ Wireplay Highlander Season 10 – Late-Night Cooking With Mia [#NeshProblems] (2nd/Div 2) – Medic
❀ ETF2L Highlander Season 6 – Let's Go Bananas! [ᵔ.ᵔ] ( 1st Place Div 1) – Medic
♔ ETF2L Highlander Season 14 – Heroes and Zeroes (3rd/Mid) – Engineer

How many “friend-zoned” guys does it take to change a light bulb? None, they’ll just compliment it and get pissed when it won’t screw.

I don't care what you think about me. I don't think about you at all. [i.imgur.com]

People who make a fuss over female gamers: http://i.imgur.com/WfiFiKb.gif

Artwork done by Sozo-Teki [sozo-teki.deviantart.com]

All the gamers be like [49.media.tumblr.com]




half the misogynists on the internet [i.imgur.com]
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highlander is the superior game mode
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[T-A!] Tanuki Thparkle: It’s also funny when you nearly die in game
[T-A!] Tanuki Thparkle: Because it sounds like you nearly died IRL :D
[T-A!] Tanuki Thparkle: “OH MY GOD DEMO IN MY FACCEEEE!!!!”
[T-A!] Tanuki Thparkle: [heavy breathing]

Deox: Hi I'm Mia. I are a nice video game gurler.

"I realised Mia joined mumble when I heard her through my headset from across the room" - TC ReseRvoir Dog

danny: you've got the skin complextion of a cheese slice
danny: i bet your blood type is rice
danny: are your eyes a little weird or have you been smoking spice

Æsirson: goddamm you're toxic

Samurai Pizza Twat: Your penis is like pig in blanket
Samurai Pizza Twat: tiny and salty
Tsundere Mia: i prefer to think of it as a mini chorizo

Aventador: your movement
Aventador: I don't want to call it autistic
Aventador: so I'm going to call it anime cute

"When you get jumped in 6s, you start sounding like a spaceship" - Mould

danny: i have a legit question tho
Mia: go for it
danny: whats it like to have a vagina which is like - rather than /
Mia: wot
danny: asians have horizontal vaginas?
Mia: LOL

"Mia, you don't seem particularly Asian - you give off this White-girl vibe" - Grenjabob

Atzebumm: holy hell. i was bored at work today so i was browsing through peoples instagrams. i was also on yours. the way you manage to always look the same with the same angle on different selfies is actually an art by itself xD

22:30 - NOM Æsirson 🐾: reported for fat
22:30 - NOM Æsirson 🐾: lmao enjoy vaf
22:30 - NOM Æsirson 🐾: valve anti fat

Eurobeat kicked in, yo!: Mia delivers tofu in the dead of the early morning for her dad. She is known for her amazing drifting abilities in her dad's old Ford Sierra. Amazing, Sugoi driving

M4RK-Happy: you are a banana
¹ᴿᵂ Mia: i am?
¹ᴿᵂ Mia: awesome
M4RK-Happy: Banana
(North America; UK; Malaysia) an Asian person living in a Western country (e.g., an Asian American) who is yellow on the outside, white on the inside. Used primarily by Asians to indicate someone who has lost touch with the cultural identity of his or her parents.[11]

♡ wall of salt ♡

"She has a pretty constant holier-than-thou attitude and unfortunately seems to have influence and arse-lickers everywhere." - Kippy

FaZe Teeqo 8 minutes ago
Little Kid who send me Dick pictures, boosted noob

coque : FUCK U

Necris : mia, why not ask your uncle to stop abusing you for 1 day in your pathetic life and have fun for once?

*DEAD* BambixDD interwebz.cc : fucking cancer girl

zngo : if you watch anime unironiclly you should die

friggigan talking about you specifically with the aids offclasses


¹ᴿᵂ R3L0X: Everybody can do his Dream just Not Listening other Ignore haters and watch forward and u need Motivation dats all nothing more

CaleoGaming: my mother bullied me
CaleoGaming: Sirson and i played payday 2 and he broke a window
CaleoGaming: so i said "it gives 7 years of bad luck if you break windows sirson!"
CaleoGaming: Then my mother said
CaleoGaming: "It's mirrors you dumb shit."

si^: your steam group has 69 members. Please don't advertise it any more we've reached peak mass.

Caleo: don't bother dying in real life because the respawn times are shit

weeb containment centre: eating
CaleoGaming: eating what? food
weeb containment centre: your mum's pussy
Luke: 10/10
weeb containment centre: LOL
Luke: destroyed his will to live
Luke: He's gonna kill himself now

Caleo the Minge: In high school
Caleo the Minge: tbh i was the most innocent person in school
Caleo the Minge: Until 5th grade
Caleo the Minge: I thought all girls had a penis, cause i thought everyone had one

BOK BOK IN THE BUTT : I wonder if fucking a whale feels like sticking your dick inside a black hole

Æsirson 🐾: girls dont have to go poopies
Æsirson 🐾: this is known

CaleoGaming: So i told her we were together and she could understand that cause im such a handsome young man and all girls are after me
CaleoGaming: jk
CaleoGaming: ,-,

Dr. med. Æsirson: I usually pray ~3 times a day so i dont become gay

Mia: You didn't actually have an imaginary friend did you, caleo?
Caleo: No. I had 3.

*playing rainbow six for the first time*
Mia: Are there any playable female characters
Esirson: Yeah, you have to unlock them though. Just like in real life.

Mia: What if there was a kraken deep underwater on PUBG and it had AWMs on its arms that drop when you defeat it
Caleo: Yeah but if you got eaten by a kraken, it would be the kraken's first time eating a noodle
Æsirson: Damn, we're lucky that didn't go into hentai territory, it was so close

si^ :3: what's up, my n-words?

Æsirson 🐾: caleo was rubbing up on my bum again

Luke: Hi there Mia!My name is Angela and I'm working with the autism centre. I've been told by Luke that you're one of his friends along with some other people. I have been told he's been acting unusually by his mother and I wanted to know, has he been acting unusual around you?
Luke: We are currently worried for his well being.

Caleo: Can you get happy meals at Burger King? No! I choose McDonalds
Mia: Caleo, you are 20 years old, why are you STILL buying McDonalds happy meals??
Caleo: I'm a toy collector

babywipes and chill: but mia on a real
babywipes and chill: i'll have a number 6, number 47 and a can of sprite
endangered fat yellow whale: LOL
endangered fat yellow whale: yeah no 6 and number 47 are both dog dishes
endangered fat yellow whale: fried dog
endangered fat yellow whale: we serve authentic chinese food at Mia's Wok
endangered fat yellow whale: so i am sorry for your loss
endangered fat yellow whale: because we serve local cuisine
endangered fat yellow whale: the closest dog we could find was your mother

Æsirson: I'll tell you why my eyesight is fucked. You know when you look at the moon and it's round, right? Then you look closer and there's all these craters and shit? Well that's my cornea.

Murdoc: sex doesn't make you any better at playing yugioh so I'm not fucking interested in it

CaleoGaming: I am honestly sad right now
CaleoGaming: I bought a McFlurry for myself
CaleoGaming: Somebody fucking ate it
CaleoGaming: I will go cry myself to sleep now :(

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