their interests are furthered
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They’re not chasing anything. They’re sleeping in there, or else they’re yawning. Only the children are pressing their noses against the windowpanes.
Only the children know what they’re looking for.
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CMACDADDY Sep 17 @ 2:14pm 
H-hi m'lady, would you perhaps consider being my qt 3.14 gf? snickers nefariously /thinks to self/ "man if this works, I'll get this cute girl to be my girlfriend and I'll ride the cool roller coasters!"
c'mon, luck be a lady tonight! cross fingers and gulps s-so...adjusts collar and looks firmly what do you say to my proposal? waits patiently :3
Plzrespond, I'm a nice guy who will treat you right unlike all those other !@#$%^&s who only care about looks!
Don't ignore me you rancid swine, I knew it #niceguys finish last! You're probably out having dinner with Chad now! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
ṽ⧉ cookie Sep 17 @ 8:24am 
|religion of peace ||l “”|””\__,_

72 Virgins will come to you, but only if you repost this to 5 other friends
CMACDADDY Sep 6 @ 5:52pm 
In japan we don't say 'I love you' we say 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚 which doesn't mean anything it just spells out 'Extra Thicc' in japanese symbols.
CMACDADDY Aug 27 @ 7:59am 
If my girl👧😍 and my beyblades💯🔥 are both drowning🌊😦 and I could only save one😄☝️️ you can Catch me letting it rip at my girls funeral😅👻💀 Cause it's bey blade or catch a fade my nigga🙏👊 😠💯😭
femme fatale Aug 23 @ 1:40pm 
>*blushes* your radiance is as enchanting as th- *slips on banana peel* OW! That hurt! *thinks to self - way to go Einstein, she probably thinks you are a real knucklehead* *thinks to self - play it cool dummy!* *gets up* the burning light of a million suns... *hands you rose* 🌹 *bows* -3-