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"This game is like my eHarmony profile: No matches found." -Guy watching my stream as I sit in queue w/ 3 other people for a solid 30+ minutes 2016


Are you READY for my review? Cause I'm READY to tell you all about how READY I am to play this game but the game isn't READY for me to play it and how you shouldn't be READY to buy it, either.

1. They "fixed" matchmaking except for the part where I still get booted from the lobby constantly and it still takes a decent amount of time to get into a game regardless. Nice try, but maybe if a majority of the 100+ hours of gametime I have in this game was me actually playing it I wouldn't still be mentioning it.

2. When a survivor disconnects the killer gets rewarded and the other survivors remain at a huge immediate disadvantage. They don't get any bonus points and they still lose a pip if they don't have enough points. When the killer disconnects nobody gets to play the video game anymore.

3. The walls on most maps take too long to load for no particular reason. I enjoy running into invisible objects in the game while getting my ♥♥♥ beat. By the way, this doesn't happen to JUST me as I have many friends I play with that have various specs and quite a few experience this problem.

4. Oh boy, the killer is lagging again. Time to teleport through a wall while trying to escape and end up directly in the nut shack. The game runs p2p and the killer has the advantage because they are the one that is hosting as far as I'm aware.

5. Killer is IMBA pls nerf REEEEE. Mmm, I like how I was just in a game where the killer was able to position himself so that I literally couldn't be removed from the hook. Also No One Escapes Death has no cooldown? Mm, so balanced, such a good game. Definitely not biased towards the killers. MMM


What else is there to even say about this game? The music is non existent because it's all atmospheric, which is fine. It's spooky, whatever.

The killers are all sort of relatively balanced but not balanced enough to not get away with some BS when they're higher rank and have better perks than you. Since there's no balancing in matchmaking which is another huge problem that hasn't been fixed you're just gonna get dunked for the first 25 levels of the grind which is hellish.

The graphics are certainly nothing special, especially when they don't even load half the time or the textures will sometimes just load up as complete blurs for me which is cool (but not.)

The gameplay in this game is an pretty good analogy of me trying to escape my buyers remorse but being unable to do it because I forgot what all the stages of grief are.
Posted August 9, 2016. Last edited August 27, 2016.
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The art style is simple but effective. It really takes me back to when I played Harvest Moon as a child while at the same time the small details make the game feel current.

The music is beautiful and frequently changes throughout the day so you always have something different and soothing to listen to. There's not a single track that I haven't enjoyed so far and a lot of it is very remniscent of an older era of SNES games.

At first I wasn't sure if I would enjoy npcs in this game but they really have a way of growing on you even if a lot of their personalities can be slightly offputting at first.

The entire game has a way of drawing you in and not allowing you to set it down. There are alot of things you can do even if you don't neccessarily want to focus on farming/ranching. Alternatively there is a lot of fishing and an entire mine you can explore.

I've played about 100 some hours as I'm editing this review and I still haven't done everything there is to do in the game.

I would highly reccomend this game. It's the beginning of 2016 as I write this review but I doubt another game is going to top this as my GOTY especially because the developer is going to add multiplayer and more content later.
Posted February 28, 2016. Last edited January 14.
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