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Unlocked Oct 24, 2016 @ 11:20pm


Shoot Yourself

Ace City

Unlock All Stars (City)
3 / 100

Ace Village

Unlock All Stars (Village)
1 / 100

Ace Forest

Unlock All Stars (Forest)
1 / 100

Ace Swamp

Unlock All Stars (Swamp)
0 / 100

Ace Mountains

Unlock All Stars (Mountains)
0 / 100

Rainbow Gun

Collect All Gun Colors


Find All Hidden Secrets
0 / 23

Pearl Dagger

Find the Dagger with the Pearl Inlay (Forest)

Hungry Samurai

Find the Hungry Samurai (Village)

Drinker Drinker

Drink the Sake (Swamp)


Find the Graves (Village)

Planet Shrine

Visit the Shrine of Lovely Planet

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