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Hello, I enjoy memes.

       / ,   -‐- !、
      / {,}f  -‐- ,,,__、)
    /   /   .r'~"''‐--、)
  ,r''"´⌒ヽ{   ヽ  (・)ハ (・)}、
 /      \  (⊂`-'つ)i-、
          `}. (__,,ノヽ_ノ,ノ  \
           l   `-" ,ノ    ヽ
           } 、、___,j''      l
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Passthegrenadeplease Nov 16 @ 11:43pm 
I want to rock your world Mercy, meet me in bed at ten o'clock pm sharp.
Pot8er Oct 5 @ 12:07pm 
@Little im here because i am representing my client @SpacerZ
SpacerZ Oct 5 @ 11:45am 
>not a native
Then why are you telling me to "learn some word?"

>you still bought it y tho
Because I was waiting for it to come out for roughly two years. I wanted to enjoy the game, I really did. But I didn't
Little Oct 5 @ 4:47am 
@pot8r learn some better sarcams. why you even here anyway? another fallout devloper? "and before you call me an idiot" no need too, you already said that with yourself. saved me some extra 2 second

@space not a native, you think everyone a mr.worldwide? i just told you to have some respect and not bashing the dev. you still bought it y tho
Pot8er Oct 4 @ 10:52am 
@Little and before you call me an idiot for calling you the developer when you're actually not....if you want to poke your little twinkie around in people's profiles defending and arguing for a game, then you're a developer.
Pot8er Oct 4 @ 10:49am 
@Little So I wasn't sure if I wanted to try the game you copied, Fallout Shelter. I noticed Fallout Shelter needed 2 GBs while your game only needed only needs 1.6 GB. In order to save time, I purchased your game and played it for 1 hour and 59 minutes. I really enjoyed it and your game was so much fun! Then I returned it and got Fallout Shelter for free. If it weren't for you making this game I would've had to risk wasting time downloading an extra 0.4 GB worth of data for Fallout Shelter (which I didn't know if I would like yet). You saved me an extra 30 seconds and I will forever be in debt to you for that. Thank you.