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^ίήνάĻίđ Jul 24 @ 4:56pm 
do want have the buttsex w/ me yes
Mérié Jul 24 @ 2:19pm 
um.. hey, sorry I saw your profile and I just thought you looked cute in your picture, I really wanted to tell you that)) It's really rare to see girls playing video games haha! I don't know why its a guy thing honestly im like really against misogyny and like ill be the one in the kitchen making sandwiches. We should really play l4d2 sometime its a really cool zombie game with a lot of scary moments, but don't worry ill be there to protect you ;) sorry that wasnt flirting I swear Im just trying to be friendly I really like your profile picture sorry was that too far? Really sorry i'm really shy I don't go out much haha add me on skype we should talk more you look really nice and fun xxx
Zeaga Jul 23 @ 12:08pm 
karl no
felix argyle Jul 23 @ 10:39am 
I hate my parents why don't they just understand??? They forced me to eat scrambled eggs this morning and when i refused they yelled at me ?? I explained that i was eggkin and eating my own kin was cannibalism and they yelled at me for making shit up and threatened to take away tumblr from me so i had to to force myself to put my dear friends in my mouth but quickly ran to the bathroom because i felt like throwing up this sucks so much sigh why cant people just accept us for who we are instead of constantly judging us :/
Zeaga Jul 23 @ 9:30am 
karl wtf
felix argyle Jul 19 @ 10:28am 
I dont believe in air travel. It's all a hoax along with space flight. How can something weighing 70 tons stay in the air? Birds fly because they weigh very little. Chickens don't fly because they weigh alot. And a so called airplane weighs significantly much more than a chicken, I have never been in an airplane, and I don't know anyone who has. People who say they have are just shills for the government who uses small drones (that weigh less than chickens) to spray chem trails everywhere. Those drones only look like they are very high because they are so small It's a known fact that past a mile high, there is not enough air to breathe. Yet we are expected to believe that these airplanes can somehow provide enough air to everyone on board? Please. Not to mention that flying that close to the sun would cook everyone alive