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kemonomimi is the choice of a patrician
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"now, i got a plan. so there's no way hyps will ever watch steins;gate alone, but there may be a chance if i say i'll watch it with him. so not only would this mean he actually watches steins;gate, but this'll also mean i have an excuse to watch it a second time, which in my eyes is a win win!" - Albert Einstein before releasing his work that would lead to the Manhattan Project, creating the nuclear bomb.

W o a h ! ! im playing yakuzo 5: The date is April 7th, 2018. Alex sits in his bedroom with his white lab coat on.
W o a h ! ! im playing yakuzo 5: He slicks his hair back sloppily and draws chin fuzz on with a pencil, and attempts to imitate Mamoru Miyano.
W o a h ! ! im playing yakuzo 5: After burning his house down for the eight time attempting to do mad science, he finally deducts the brilliant mad scientist plan to send himself into the 2D realm and finally live Steins;Gate
W o a h ! ! im playing yakuzo 5: He surrounds his room in microwaves, bananas, and a very large CRT screen. After ripping the door off of all the microwaves, he turns it on.
W o a h ! ! im playing yakuzo 5: Although it may appear as though the microwave is killing him, it is actually draining out his conscious mind and transporting it through space time in order to send itself through a phone call to Okabe Rintarou
W o a h ! ! im playing yakuzo 5: As Okabe answers the phone call, he loses his balance, but quickly picks himself back up. When someone asks him if he is okay, he goes "hell yeah fuck yeah I'm killing it"

04:18 - Warp: cant wait to be playing tabletop sim singleplayer and people ask what im doing
04:19 - Warp: and having to tell them "im assembling a jigsaw of an anime catgirl getting fucked"
04:19 - meanwhile, temples of syrinx ★: i was just about to unbutton my boxers for tonight's wank as well
04:19 - Warp: see
04:19 - Warp: wanking to jigsaw puzzles is what we call an intellectual wank
04:20 - Warp: because you have to use your brain to assemble the puzzle before you can get off


RIP Warp
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Asian Jesus Jun 26 @ 11:09am 
( • ~ •)
/ >🍆¿Want My Dick?
( • - •)
🍆< \ No! My Dick!
( • w •)
/ >🍆 Just Kidding You Can Have My Dick!
( -_ -)
/ >🍆 But Just A Succ
( • - •)
🍆< \ No! You Succ Too Much! No More Dick Succing for you, Hoe))
Asian Jesus Jun 25 @ 10:54pm 
You have 100 god damn hours in nekopara
Hyps,担保♥ Jun 25 @ 5:03pm 
as far as im concerned, you can drop off the earth. thats a promise
Tallen Jun 17 @ 3:54pm 
Fuck 'em. Filthy capitalist pig.
Tallen Jun 17 @ 3:26pm 
That shit is staying at 0 hours.
Salva Vidas™ Jun 12 @ 5:57pm 
Get fucked