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Jul 1 @ 3:21am
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
ScouSin: Good read, thanks!

Potato is a card everyone thinks is OP - but I don't want to change the card itself. I really just like the idea of the players throwing potatoes at eachother too much to change it. But I guess I could remove it as a card that can be added to your deck and buff Fasen somehow... Oh, how about something like "Resolve: Add 4 potato cards to the bottom of your deck" on Fasen, that way you have a deck that wants to get to fatigue as quickly as possible, because that's when the final strike happens! =O
Jun 30 @ 1:31pm
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
Effects like "Whenever you deal/heal" are working properly now, which means that it works with "damage dealt to player with most life" and with mana-damage and stuff like that.

Jenny Tiger also deals an extra damage now.

Queen Amelia gives two mana now.
Jun 30 @ 11:44am
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
basically just some more balancing and crash fix for Wash-Olof
Good thread!
It really helps!

--Centurion Turnip
Delay (turns to activate) carries over. So if you play a centurion and activate it then play another turnip next turn it would deal 2 damage the turn after that.

--Prince Hingst, Horsegun
I love both of these. Here's a deck from b01 I was playing:
Both Horsegun-formation and giving the other player the prince are fun tactics imo.
Also, Idun is a fun removal card, I wonder if making it a common (3 copies allowed) would make it too powerful?

--Hype Snake
I think it's fun. You got an activator card that jumps around the board, and you're almost alway mad at him for jumping to all the bad spots (he doesn't care though, he's ).

--The Biggest Fan
Might be bugged. I will investigate.
Placement is supposed to happen before linking, that way the arrows are removed before linking happens. So, you're not supposed to be able to activate other cards with it. The idéa is to silence him (he won't stop nagging me).

--Garden Gnome
Same as biggest fan, will double check if these cards work as intended.
Here you're supposed to be able to activate other cards, cuz when the non-conductivity hits, it's already been linked with and activated by other cards.

--Incredibly Ugly Statues
You can't move them off of your lawn, no matter how hard you try. (Ok, I guess an Alpha Strike will do the trick.)
Jun 28 @ 10:55am
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
Tiger Jenny needs to be changed a bit. I want there to be some kind of rotnip synergy but I'm not quite there yet.

Originally posted by qbicfeet:
...That Guy and Metonym have their downsides turned into huge upsides.".
I'll look into it. I like turning downsides to upsides though.

Originally posted by mantidactyle:
...Thank you for the update btw :-)
Thank you for playing.

Jun 28 @ 10:02am
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
Yeah, reboot your games, Princess Remedy is fixed.
Originally posted by mantidactyle:
Lichious Turnip is another old Simulacrum X
What do you mean?
Jun 28 @ 8:50am
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
So... I've made a lot of changes this week, maybe too many in such a short time.
Some of the changes might've been a bit too haphazardly made, but I thought that I might as well do some radical tweaking just to get some final feedback from you guys before the beta ends. So please do post any b02 comments or concerns you might have below.

Tweaked Cards: [AncientWar] [AncientWarEX] [AntiMuri] [BearMiner] [Bees] [BeesEX] [Bird] [BirdArrow] [BobsShip] [BossTrio] [Buni] [BusinessCasualManEX] [Dea] [DungeonConstruction] [FireMace] [FireSword] [Fishbun] [FishbunPileup] [Helios] [Heroism] [HeroismEX] [Hyperdusa] [JealousChest] [JennyBlueberry] [JennyBun] [JennyCat] [JennyLemon] [JennyMole] [JennyShark] [JennySlayer] [JennyTiger] [MaskedRuby] [MechaFishbunjin] [Metonym] [NeoDea] [Netherbird] [Orka] [Parrot] [PrimalFishbun] [Prince] [PrincessRemedy] [Raft] [SafetyJenny] [Simulacrum] [SimulacrumEX] [SkullCard] [SkullCardEX] [SkullKing] [ThatGuy] [TheBiggestFan] [TheLichousTurnip] [Tor] [ToscaEX] [Turnip]

New cards: [Frog Fan] [Lemon]

[Neo Dea] and [Fishbun Pileup] are no longer cards you can have in your deck.

Generally nerfed placement damage effects.
Generally buffed arrows and linking.

Added discard card effect.
Changed peek effect to look at multiple cards at once or at the opponents current hand.
Added pay token effect, if you can't pay the token the effect won't happen.
Tweaked some archetypes like bird, bun and jenny.

Bug fixes:
"It" effects ("transform it", "remove it") that refer to cards that've just been removed won't crash the game anymore.
Peeking at cards is a time'd action now.

We might be able to do one more patch before this beta ends, so hit me with your suggestions.
Mar 15 @ 2:57am
In topic Soundtrack!
Thanks jysaw
Jan 25 @ 1:21am
In topic Beta testing, round #1 feedback
Originally posted by Bedinsis:
So if Skull Card X is in the upper left corner and Simulacrum is in the lower right and the player should without them deal 2 damage...
The effect can only be replaced once, and it grabs the first replace effect it can find.
So Skullcard X would be used.

Originally posted by Bedinsis:
Killer Karp, damped by Skull Card X, damages 1;
Skull Card X;
Jenny Shark, not damped by Skull Card X since it has been resolved, damages 2.
This one.

Originally posted by Bedinsis:
Can cards be chained in their effect on a fired card?
An effect can only be replaced once.

It's unfortunate that the replace effects are a bit unintuitive in these cases , since I think it's one of the more interesting effects in the game at the moment.
If you have any idéas for making stuff like this easier to understand don't hold back!

In an early prototype version there was a "stack" like in Magic (in this prototype the cards were hexagonal btw ). Which meant that all effects that resolved got added to a list, then the player chose to resolve effects in whatever order they wished. But that added a lot of extra input to every step of play - which was a bit too much... It would've made cases such as these a bit more controllable however.
Jan 24 @ 2:17pm
In topic Beta testing, round #1 feedback
Originally posted by Bedinsis:
If a Simulacrum card and a Skull Card X card are both on the same board, and the player controlling them is dealing 2 damage, which of them triggers?
When any effects clash they happen in row by row order, top-left to bottom-right (same order as resolves). But I'm thinking about limited the number of "replace" cards to only one per effect (or atleast most of them) so that the clashing of effects are kept at a minimum. For instance, Frallan X might change heal 2 abilities instead of both versions going for the heal 1.

In the single player you will be reminded of this by one of the characters (just like in the first game, if I'm not mistaken), and we'll probably have a help screen available somewhere, so you can double check some rules.
Jan 21 @ 7:54am
In topic Beta testing, round #1 feedback
Originally posted by jakbu:
Silence changes the color of the arrow on Red-arrowed cards. Haku has it probably already listed.
Yes, this is probably because a card that had red arrows had the text "Spy" on the card in an earlier build, and silence should remove "all text" on the card. It doens't have that text anymore, so this should be adjusted.

This means that silence still should remove the non-conductive effect.
Jan 21 @ 5:13am
In topic Beta testing, round #1 feedback
Originally posted by Mickmane:
some kind of timeout might be useful.
Yes, we'll have this as soon as we get around to implementing it.
Jan 21 @ 5:11am
In topic Beta testing, round #1 feedback
If you ever get the "stuck on the searching for game" issue again it'd be great if you could go to the folder where the game files are and make a copy of "output_log.txt" and send it over to us. ( Thanks!
Jan 21 @ 5:04am
In topic Beta testing, round #1 feedback
Originally posted by Tchernobog:
so therefore we might not get the chance to attack cards, right? It's gonna be automatic, and only hits the player?
Yes, cage, silence and remove are the new way of "attacking cards". Damage is purely for damage.

Originally posted by Tchernobog:
Also, may I upload a gameplay video about how the game looks like, some offline match, ect. (findig real player kinda takes time)? I wanna show it to my friends, maybe they'll be interested in it :)
We welcome it!

Originally posted by gatesps:
On a side note, I think it's too difficult to remove cards. If an un-activated card is caged, it typically stays there the whole game—no one's going to waste their removal on it. It also seems dangerous to me to have cards take effect while not activated or cards who have a purely negative effect when they resolve. It encourages clogging up the board for cards like Frallan and Queen Amelia.
Yes, you're absolutely right. I'm thinking about adding a "When active:" type of condition before frallans effect. That way you must activate her, and keep her active. Alternatively I could make her a spy (red arrows) so that it's the opponents job to activate her.

All instant removal is going to be tweaked.
Jan 20 @ 12:08pm
In topic Beta testing, round #1 feedback
Originally posted by gatesps:
The biggest balance issue is that cards like Dumped X don't have any drawbacks.
I intend to nerf that card.

Originally posted by jakbu:
Is there any reason to bother with cards with arrows?
Good point. We'll look into reducing the zero arrow cards and/or buff the arrowed cards or something. (Maybe add some red arrows to them so you can't place them anywhere you want)

Originally posted by Mickmane:
After a few games, I think the cards that deal damage when placed are going to take over the game, any strategy does not get enough time to unfold.
Ideally the player would be rewarded for making complex combos and counting delay numbers etc. Placement damage is most likely guaranteed, so it shouldn't be as strong.

Originally posted by Mickmane:
What does Caged and Silence do exactly, and how to undo it?
Originally posted by gatesps:
'Caged' removes arrows, 'Silenced' removes abilities. I don't think you can undo either.
Some sort of dispell effect that removes cage/silence will probably be introduced at some point.
Nov 17, 2016 @ 2:37am
In topic Soundtrack!
Was that the "one more song" you were talking about?
Oct 31, 2016 @ 2:33pm
In topic Soundtrack!
Originally posted by Fusion:
Originally posted by Dr. FalKoopa:
Thank you!

The Regal Resort theme is my favourite. :)
Mine too! It sounds vaguely familiar but I can't say for certain where I've heard it before.
I think it might have been inspired by the Sinnoh game corner, but I'm not sure.

Actually, this was the inspiration:

"Oh, I see, this area is kind of like a casino!"
*Goes to Youtube...*
*Types in 'casino nes ost' and hits search...*
*clicks first thing that catches my eyes...*
"Hmm... this works!"
An hour later... boom, final product.
Sep 13, 2016 @ 5:50am
In topic Quick Suggestion
D-pad support should be in the latest patch!
Sep 13, 2016 @ 5:49am
In topic Music bug
This bug should be fixed in todays patch!
Sep 13, 2016 @ 3:33am
In topic Soundtrack!
Wow, you know your stuff. But I'll give you some more info, straight from the horses mouth (i.e. me).

"Dance with Strongman" is a remake of the main theme from 'Spacehunk' - a game we made for a mojam.
"Dance with Mimic" is the main theme from Remedy 1 (the world6 theme as well)
"Dance with Tom" is a remake of a song of one of my NES prototypes that never made it out.
"Dance with Moose" is from Quest Forge for the NES.
"Dance with Klorin" is a remake of a song I made to test a vocaloid we bought -> (mad lyrical skills)
There's also one more song used in Ittle Dew 2, but I won't spoil that one.

About the names, basically that's the original names from the dev documents. I have updated the names in the soundtrack now, so people can find there favourite NPCs and not be confused.
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