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Senots: pink pussy
Senots: llol
Senots: slippery pussy
Senots: fucking smashed it mate
Senots: fucking skewered h er
Senots: absolutely destroyed that mingre
Senots: lookrd like a punched lasange
Senots: very sloppy wet minge thst got absolutely shredded
Senots: would bang again
Senots: bitch took it like a hiv infested whore
Senots: maggot pussy
Senots: mash it up
Senots: bruise the vaginal walls
Senots: bend her bare arse over my bed and fucking hit it so fucking hard from behind she was biting my memory foam pillow
Senots: screaming in the bittersweet pain
Senots: take it bitch take it
Senots: youre my whore do you understand?

daddy Senots: youll be doing a line of kety off my willy
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matthew gets really sweaty when its hot
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added for mge cup
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DONT FUCKING MESS WITH ME. not only do i get pussy at a rapid pace, so fast i like to call it PPM (pussy per minute) i have so many bitches at my disposal it's like a sperm bank in my house bahaha! don't mess with me, okay? i have a gang so large you would have someone at your doorstep in an instance... that's not a threat. that's a promise bud. i work at a big big big company, where i am the manager. it may just be mcdonalds but everyone there says i have potential. i will be big. soon. i just need to work minimum wage for another few months and i will be working for the police. the police who will bust down your door for a misdemeanor change. DONT. FUCK. WITH. ME.
Turb Apr 11 @ 1:39pm 
grgaaaaa FUCK YoU -reppp cant m1 on demonstrationsmeen