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touched rafs May 11 @ 3:27pm 
anger Apr 24 @ 5:34am 
DONT FUCKING MESS WITH ME. not only do i get pussy at a rapid pace, so fast i like to call it PPM (pussy per minute) i have so many bitches at my disposal it's like a sperm bank in my house bahaha! don't mess with me, okay? i have a gang so large you would have someone at your doorstep in an instance... that's not a threat. that's a promise bud. i work at a big big big company, where i am the manager. it may just be mcdonalds but everyone there says i have potential. i will be big. soon. i just need to work minimum wage for another few months and i will be working for the police. the police who will bust down your door for a misdemeanor change. DONT. FUCK. WITH. ME.
TurbAndy Apr 11 @ 1:39pm 
grgaaaaa FUCK YoU -reppp cant m1 on demonstrationsmeen
touched rafs Mar 25 @ 5:30am 
not to be ladphobic but I think ppl who go for a bit of cheeky nandos in public are disgusting :/ It's adam and eve not banter with steve
anger Mar 4 @ 5:37pm 
Seriously? After 20 minutes of getting to choke this gorgeous girl with his cock, two little poots of cum is all he could manage? Pathetic. I registered an account just so I could leave this in hopes he could sees it one day. Fronting like you're some alpha male, while Elizabeth is performing her heart out, and what do you give her? Two tiddlywinks of cum? I've never felt so personally offended by porn before. You're a real asshole, pal.
pj Feb 25 @ 9:42am 
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