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Posted: Oct 8, 2015 @ 11:25am

A small and fun tower defence game. Though it's not adding anything new to the genre and is kind of generic, it's still fun enough and worth playing if you are into tower defence games. You get to play through 40 levels of naval battles. Build giant crossbows, cannons, and other mounted guns to take down pirate ships that are coming at your base kamikaze style.

The variety in enemy ships is quite big and each one has its own distinct weaknesses which you have to exploit via certain towers. The towers mostly come in 4 basic types, which in turn can be upgraded into other types. You have crossbows which are fast but weak. Cannons which are slower but strong. Artillery which are very slow but can hit groups. And finally the support buildings that generate you money on a regular basis, which I think is a pretty cool idea in a game like this.

The levels are divided into 2 acts: Caribbean Sea (first 20 levels) and Arctic Ocean (last 20). When you beat each level, you get a rating out of 3 stars. Not letting any enemy attack your base grants you 3 stars. If, however, some did manage to damage it, you get only 1 or 2 stars. Unfortunately the stars do not mean anything in this game. In other tower defence games the stars act as upgrade points of some kind, hence incentivizing the player to replay missions and do better. But this game doesn't do that and collecting stars is only there for boasting.

The upgrades are instead handled via collecting barrels, which randomly drop from destroyed enemies. There are tonnes of upgrades for each tower and magic spell, and you're unlikely to upgrade everything by playing through the game once. This means you might occasionally have to grind for barrels by replaying earlier levels, which is a bit of a bad design in my opinion (when in doubt, keep replaying level 20 of Caribbean Sea; it gives A LOT of barrels usually). What's worse about this design, some of the tower spots on each map are locked and require you to spend several of your barrels before you can build anything on those spots. Those are usually good, strategic spots, so you have to either waste some of your precious barrels on one map, or compromise on your setup.

Visuals are very beautiful and shiny. Sound effects are nice, and the music is all right, although you pretty much have the same short track playing in every level, so a bit more musical variety would've been nice.

Overall this is a fun TD game. There are better TD games out there, but if you're looking for a new one that you haven't played yet, then this one is well worth a try, since it's very affordable and will entertain you for several hours.
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