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About Me -
I'm that one "Power-Metal & Medieval Fantasy" guy.

I am a casual writer and digital artist. I have over 9 years of storyline and general story/novel writing experience. Dare I say that I also have a couple years of amateur lyrical-writing experience. I aspire to someday enroll in the San Francisco Academy of Art, and work in an animation studio.

I like to write, sketch, collect and play the keyboard in my spare time, and you'll likely find me to be the biggest power-metal fan you know.

My screen-name on many other platforms is "Aprilycan"! Although I pronounce it "a-prily-can", I do not consider pronunciations such as "a-pri-lee-can" to be wrong.

If you'd like to add me for any reason, please read the note section in the long, pretentious, irritating-to-read info-box below before doing so!
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More about me.
I truly wish I wasn't tempted enough to make one of these long, pretentious text boxes, but my free-time and my love for being an open book got the best of me, I apologize. <3

Please note the following if you wish to talk or play with me.

- I accept ALL friend requests to give people a chance to show me they're worth having as a friend.

- Please don't assume that just because we're both furries that we'll be the greatest friends in the world. I won't keep people on my friends list just for that reason.

- If it's clear to me that we don't mix well, or we just don't talk that much, then I'll likely remove you. Nothing personal, feel free to add me back!

- I'm one for being there whenever you're feeling down, but if you're unnecessarily gloomy ALL the time, then I'll likely remove you. I'm sorry.

- I will not judge you for anything as long as it's morally alright, and wish to be treated the same way. I will respect your interests and if you're able to respect mine then everything will be okay.

- Understand that I enjoy talking, so please don't be intimidated to start conversing with me. It's always a good time and I won't judge you at all for it.

- I'll enjoy playing just about anything with friends, just ask! Even if I don't currently have the game, I'd definitely consider getting it!

- I link songs a lot, if you don't like it, then just say! My feelings won't be hurt too much. at all!

- Although I love talking with people, you're NOT owed my complete undivided attention. If you're good at conversing, then I'll talk to you often, period. If you bitch to me about me not talking to you 24/7, then you'll be removed without a word and you won't be missed. :^)

About me.

Age - Ask.

Gender - Male

Sexuality - this shouldn't matter that much to you

Zodiac - Taurus

Personality Report - RIOAS [www.seemypersonality.com]

My General Interests - Marvel (and some DC) comics/movies, Pro-wrestling, Medieval fantasy (and non-fictional Medieval history), card games, power-metal, video games, Lovecraftian novels/stories, philosophy, mythology and of course, art!

Fursona Details

Name - Rayd Revery (REF) [www.furaffinity.net]

Age (For stories, etc.) - Varies, 16-19

Species - Great Plains Wolf (Although he is very commonly mistaken for a fox.)

Height - 6'1

Build - Normal, sometimes fit in certain stories.

Notable Items - Rayd has a large marble collection, and has always had a fascination with them! Wherever he goes, he more often than not has a marble-bag strapped to him.

Fursona Personality (For use in stories)

Base Alignment - Neutral Good [easydamus.com]

                                                  Traits, Lore & Canon
                                                          In Progress
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help me stroke my ego :^)
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"I will not judge you as long as I judge you acceptable." Riiiiiight.
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Nah, you should do it.
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add me, i refuse to add you.
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