Dr. Genius PhD (very smart)
I won rgl comp low first place

The News Always Wins.

M is for Moral, governed by ethics
A is for Altruistic, you place others before yourself
N is for Nurturing, you bring out the good in people

I is for Illustrious, bright and accomplished

O is for Original, an independent thinker
W is for Well-read, knowledgeable in all subjects
N is for Noble, self-sacrificing
My Best friend ;)
Spy Main, Shitty Jokes and I like to quote shit out of context.

Picture that describes me [cdn.discordapp.com] ~courtesy of Mikers

Here are some quotes from my friends/HL team

3:41 PM - Hannah but Backwards: team leading is for frag gods like fallen

sigafoo - Today at 4:55 PM
Spies are incredibly viable in prolander with out DR
@Fallen is proof of this as well as @stabby

mikers - 10/30/2016
if someone gives me any unusual at all I'll literally ddos fallen into the stone age then proceed to make the news great again.

XBS : fallen your pugs keep me from quitting this game, i give thanks for ur brain
Fallen : :o

Triplex - 10/29/2016
@Fallen edgy spy main kys

Punny - Last Wednesday at 12:58 PM
I'm a medic. All I know is pain.

5:36 Mikers: I ship fallen x mikers

Popular quote dubbed by my team: "Fallen: Time is Time"

Fallen - Today at 7:46 PM
Triplex rate me as spy

Triplex - Today at 7:46 PM
Ambassador- B+
Overall- F for maining spy
in a skill lvl setting, mid silver spy

Fallen - Today at 7:48 PM

Caution edgy

8:39 PM - mikers: Small nigerian teen girl whom seeks love interest with rich caucasian westerner by means of sexual stimulation from oversized and underused breasts, refusal to breastfeed her 12 starving poverty babies included.

8:41 PM - Netso ptourny:Fallen is soft spoken, sensual, enjoys long walks on the beach and beefs AMby headshots

2:29 PM - Fallen LFP Sniper Silver: h1z1
2:29 PM - Fallen LFP Sniper Silver: ?
2:32 PM - Mojo Jojo: fuck off you greasy ass no pants wearing ass mexican ass cluck n' bell from gta eating ass eat out of a funnel cause you have a crippling disease having ass butterfly loving ass eating the booty like groceries ass video game playing ass beautiful girlfriend having ass probably gonna have a kid in the future ass bitch

k done with the shitty quotes

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Fallen Fanfic <3 thanks Bree
The sky was a dark grey, clouds rolling angrily across the city’s skyscrapers as rain poured down on the cold asphalt, soaking people left and right as they hurried to their destinations on the street. The sound of feet, voices and umbrellas reverberated through his ears as he walked, stoic, towards his small apartment. He sighed, pulling his fedora down farther, shrouding himself with his scarf as he took a long drag of his cigarette. Unhealthy. He watched the smoke as he released his breath, holding the cigarette with trembling fingers. He frowned, continuing his journey to his home, his legs moving reluctantly as he tugged the Belstaff coat tighter around his narrow shoulders. He’d be home soon, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be.
The Spy fumbled with his keys, finally opening the door. He stepped inside, closing it behind him as he leaned heavily against it. He sighed before pushing himself off and turning on the light. Not like he needed it. He tossed his keys and wallet onto the counter before pausing and looking down at them. He had the badge, from Silver attached to his keychain. He let out a little whine of despair.
“Fuck my life.”
He took the badge and stared at it, looking at its dull light, silver being barely any different than steel. God knows how many times he’s collected them from games. He was decommissioned, much to his shame. Well, his entire team was due to an idiot on his team harassing his captain, so she disappeared much to his dismay. The guy who was doing the harassing, dragged the team down with him into some despicable dark shithole when the admins and overseers thought it was enough. Demos and recordings weren’t submitted. His team captain was rude and dismissive. The Spy tossed it angrily back onto the counter and cursed.
He whirled, panicking as he searched for the source of the voice. He stared wide eyed around the room, drawing his ambassador, regardless of the fact that he missed more than he’d like to admit.
“Don’t shoot.” The voice said softly, the familiar crackle of the dead ringer as a red spy was revealed, leaning against the doorway with his hands up.
“Who are you?” Fallen asked, his hand shaking, glaring at him.
“Nobody of importance.”
Fallen looked at him, eyes squinting. He looked familiar.
*A scream echoed at the last point, the awful sound of crackling electricity intensifying as he heard a body fall to the ground, the sickly sound of a knife being pulled out of flesh, an arch of crimson blood spraying the walls. He whirled, everyone else in the room turning to look as well. A Spy, wiping his blade with his tie, his suit soaked in red, blending with the clothing. He looked at Fallen a sweet smile curling on his lips as he cloaked, smoke enveloping Fallen’s nostrils as he disappeared. He coughed and searched the ground, panicking as he looked for the body. It was his Medic. The medi gun fizzled, smoking slightly as the meter drop to 100 to 0. The room was dead silent, he turned slowly as he tipped over and sat. The red Spy stood there, smoking his cigarette as he wiped the blood off the knife onto the soiled suit.
“W-what the fuck.” Fallen blurted out.
“Hmm?” he responded, crouching and jabbing at the dead bodies of Fallen’s team mates. Fallen backed away, slipping in blood that pooled around his hands.
“There’s no reason to run you know, my team will be here in a moment.” The other said, voice baritone and amused as he had his back to him.
“How did you do… that?”
“Kill your entire team? It’s not hard, considering that you are all only Silver.” He smirked, flipping the silver badge that was supposed to reside on Fallen’s chest. *

“I mean, they don’t understand what I can do with my knife and positioning.” He smirked, standing. Fallen scrambled, attempting to run into spawn. He suddenly felt cold metal fly past him, chipping his ear as the knife embedded itself into the wall centimeters away from him. He winced in pain, cupping his ear, feeling warm blood seep between his fingers.
“Don’t run from me.” The Spy was standing above him, smiling. He crouched in front of the blue Spy, purring slightly.
“I’ll own you.” He smiled at him with those cold grey eyes. Someone shouted his name in a gruff voice off by the door of second point before he stood up, coughing and adjusting his tie.
“I’ll see you around, right?” he asked. Fallen stayed silent, clutching his ear.
“This belongs to you.” He dropped an array of silver and steel badges on the floor in front of Fallen.
“Go before my team decides what to do with you.” He said, waving as Fallen scrambled into spawn, terrified and in pain.
“Ah, so you do remember me?” he smiled softly.
“Unfortunately.” Fallen couldn’t think of anything else, so he stood with his shaking hand on the gun.
“You wouldn’t kill me, we’re out of bounds. I’d die. In real life.” The Spy said dismissively, sitting down on the couch, lighting a cigarette. Fallen’s lip trembled, then sat down heavily, his gun dropping to the floor.
“What did you want.”
“I saw the way you looked at me.” The Spy looked at him, a sneer appearing on his lips as he leaned over the coffee table, to rest his hand on the other’s knee. Fallen jolted, eyes blowing wide as he felt electricity through his legs.
“You want me.”
Fallen stayed quiet, looking at the other’s eyes, the depth and intensity of the cold grey orbs taking the words out of his mouth.
“You want my skill.” He squeezed his knee, looking at the blue curiously, watching Fallen’s reaction. Fallen’s breath hitched, his eyes fluttering as he remembered the blade dance the other had done for him. Knife flickering silver as he cut through flesh and guts, gore spilling on the floor as screams echoed around him, the Spy’s eyes shining with a twisted excitement for blood. He swallowed, then came back to the presence, jerking as he realized those eyes were centimeters from him.
“You want everything about me that you don’t have.” The red Spy spoke in a husky voice, purring as he watched the Blu back himself into the couch more out of fear and confusion.
“Can’t you tell me?”
“T-tell you what…”
“That you want this?”
Fallen whimpered and turned his head away, shuddering. The Spy kept staring intensely, the smell of fear filling the room slowly.
“I want to own.” He breathed, his voice barely above a whisper.
He felt something ice cold pressing to his temple.
“Then die.”
He turned in horror, eyes wide, mouth opening and his hands flying forward to catch the other man’s suit. Then felt the movement of fingers and the soft clicking noise of the trigger pulling back. Smoke erupted, a scream echoing in the apartment that he couldn’t believe came from his own lips. Metal scraped bone, pain blossoming in his head. Then it was black, the dull smell of iron, ink and blood filled the air. Someone whispered softly before his wide eyes petrified, his head exploding.
“Man, I own.

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