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If I add you, it's most likely regarding a sponsorship inquiry.
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Partnership Rules |
Follow these steps to save us both time:

- Fastest way to get in touch with me for partnership is through my steam.
- If you add me to discuss partnership, write a comment on my profile first.

When contacting me please follow this template:

- Channel Link
- Subscriber amount & average views on videos.
- Link screenshot of referral statistics from previous websites you have worked with.
- Your price for video. (Price in skins $)

To get accepted:

- Verify that the channel is yours.
- Your channel is active with esport-games content.
- Decent amount of views, likes, comments for the amount of subscribers.
- The price you are asking for is reasonable in relation to your channel and referral statistics.

If we have agreed on a deal:

- Don't spam me on steam.
- I will reply when I am available, be patient.
- Don't beg for points/skins, you will get paid the price we agreed on.
- Hold up your end of the deal (upload date, content of video).

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!▪♤《ZEB》♤▪? 18 hours ago 
Hallo, please, can you help me because my mother is sick And I raise money for treatment, can you add me to friends and help me? giving a skina And I would pay him for money, please help me
√iק✘KOL✘√iק Feb 17 @ 8:22am 
plis daj kose bo ja bym tak sie uciesył plis
JokerJoe ♥ Feb 17 @ 5:50am 
level 300? lulz
ImmortalCrown Feb 16 @ 10:43pm 
Hey i need help im not sure why cant i withdraw please help

(Unable to withdraw
User is either not found or withdraw banned)
Sponsorship Agreement
Victoria’s Secret Feb 13 @ 1:48am 
Hello bro! I wanted trade my ak redline for all your cases or graffities. So if u dont need them just send me offer. My ak and tradelink in my main - . Dont add me i got limit, just send offer. Thanks