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Crybaby Italian chicken fucker, who thinks I'm a pubstar cause someone is better than him.

I am Muffin. Being one of the british junkies is about as fun as having a union jack flag shoved up your arse and having broken glass as a replacement for teeth. Everyone annoys me and enjoys doing just that. I'll most likely have a nickname for you reminding me of why your a twat as a result, mainly cause I love you that much. So yup, welcome and erm...piss off.

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Major Muffin Jan 6 @ 5:55pm 
poor bby got 1 kill on me, what is "nritish?" back to eating pizza with you, degenerate italian mong
A Coupon Jan 6 @ 6:45am 
Do british people actually exist? I mean, there is a not a single real thing about them. And I mean it. Let's go through the evidence:
Where are they from?
Not a single country in the world is named Britain. Some people say they come from England, and England is inside Britain, but if that was the case they would be British they would be Englanders. So there is a consensus on british people coming from Europe, but then we are left with a whole continent of possible locations. That's as good as nothing.
What do they eat?
A Coupon Jan 6 @ 6:45am 
Every country has at least one main dish. Even the US has their burgers. But these british people, what do they eat? Heard some people associating them with tea, but everyone knows that's an Asian thing. Shouldn't they come from Europe? One of these two points must be wrong then. To me, it looks too sketchy.
What language do they speak?
I challenge you, putting all my money and my ass on the line here, to find a supposed ""british"" person speaking their native language. Most of then just speak a broken ENGLISH. Yes, english. Really suspicious, huh? And I even tried to look deeper into it. Maybe british just SOUND like english, just like spanish could sound like portuguese for a non-speaker. So I looked up "british dictionary on google" and what I found was shocking: every word in there was AMERICAN. I kid you not.
What this could mean is beyond my capabilities, but I can safely assure you that british people do not exist.
coasterhead Dec 3, 2017 @ 4:12pm 
amazing boy
Apa Nov 16, 2017 @ 9:09am 
added from outpost ( you comment on my trade)
Homosexual Nigerian Nov 15, 2017 @ 3:49pm 
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