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Quote From one of my best friends!

We've been friends for 10 years... Jesus christ time flies doesn't it? Back in 2007 we met in a Gmod server on Mobenix2 in the hotel part of it, I still remember that much ^^ We started getting to know each other more, begun playing lots of games together until I suddenly in 2009 got my old steam account hacked and all of its credentials including email changed... In the end Steam just disabled it, but then I made a new one and you've done the unthinkable for me, you've re-bought me all the games I had back then. L4D, Orange Box, Gmod, CSS even, and I didn't have CSS. And preordered L4D2 for me. I can't thank you enough for your friendship Zin, YOU'RE AWESOME!
Not to include many other games you've gifted me, living in a corrupt country sucks with flawed economics, finances and salaries. But I really couldn't ask for a better friend!!

Thank you so much Huskuas! let our friendship last the rest of our lives!

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Huskuas Sep 7 @ 1:13pm 
Jeg spiser brød og gråter på gulvet.
Huskuas Aug 30 @ 1:15pm 
So how 'bout that skooma
✌Snoenツ Mar 13 @ 1:20pm 
kommer på besøk at deg i telemark snart ;P påsken ye ?
✌Snoenツ Mar 8 @ 6:06pm 
balls of faill
✌Snoenツ Mar 1 @ 7:47am 
suuup ;)
Huskuas Mar 1 @ 5:41am