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I am a 18 year old death grips fan.

Ever since I passed school I wanted to find a hardcore nihilist band to appeal to my edgy side. I am now transition into a black person and I am getting my first tattoo next tuesday to be like ride. i do sit ups every morning and pray to my copy of The Powers That B that I will ride like ride one day.

I've already started writing lyrics every single day in hopes of launching a rap career and I even found 2 white friends to hang with, one of them has a laptop with garage band on it and the other one I'm forcing to play drums for me which is pretty cool.

School takes a lot of my free time away so i can't quite be the most dedicated death grips fan but it is the best position i can get into right now. I've already started including death grips lyrical references and puns in my daily speech. For example, my girlfriend (she looks like liz liles) asked me what my favourite colour is so I said "oh my god bitch" and she got really sad but she was cool with it after I explained it. Before I starting lifting I fasted for 4 weeks straight to lose as much weight as possible so i could be as lean as ride, I even bought a black pair of skinny jeans too, my mom wouldnt let me by leather boots so I got a black pair of vans. Any ways, thanks for reading, thanks man (zach here lol?)
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da feel my testicles uwu
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Why are you still fucking alive just fucking die already
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I'm from Aspen Colorado
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am knott