mason ⁞ ‮   Colorado, United States
  t r a d i t i o n a l  l u d o l o g i s t ⁞ b r e a k f a s t  f a n a t i c ⁞ a r c h i v i s t

 ᵃ ᵛ ᵒ ᶜ ᵃ ᵈ ᵒ  ⁞ ⠞ ⠓ ⠑ ⠞ ⠗ ⠥ ⠞ ⠓ ⠊ ⠎ ⠕ ⠥ ⠞ ⠞ ⠓ ⠑ ⠗ ⠑ 
      ‮substituteS nO accepT ⁞ qualitY genuinE
             W i n d o w s  S o f t w a r e  P i c k s

Total Commander[www.ghisler.com]; the best file manager around
  ├ TeraCopy[codesector.com]
  └ 7zip[7-zip.org]

Dxtory[www.exkode.com]; video capture tool for DirectX and OpenGL
  └ Lagarith Lossless Video Codec[lags.leetcode.net]

Chromium[chromium.woolyss.com]; open-source Google Chrome fork
  ├ Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol Everywhere
  ├ Hypertext Transfer Protocol Switchboard
  ├ LastPass
  ├ Code Highlight
  └ Enhanced Steam

Foobar2000[www.foobar2000.org]; audio player
  ├ Windows Audio Session API[www.foobar2000.org]
  └ Last.fm Audioscrobbler[www.foobar2000.org]

Kawaii Codec Pack[haruhichan.com]; media player suite

Mumble[mumble.sourceforge.net]; open source VoIP client using Opus codec
Pidgin[pidgin.im]; open source XMPP client for secure instant messaging

NOD32[www.eset.com]; top notch anti-virus
Borderless Gaming[github.com]; makes windowed games fullscreen
Tikione Steam Cleaner[github.com]; finds and removes redistributable packages
MarkC's Mouse Acceleration Fix[donewmouseaccel.blogspot.com]; 1:1 mouse control
Notepad++[notepad-plus-plus.org]; open source text editor, useful for everything
LibreOffice[www.libreoffice.org]; open source office suite
SumatraPDF[blog.kowalczyk.info]; open source PDF reader
IrfanView[www.irfanview.com]; freeware image viewer
µTorrent 2.2.1 Build 25302[www.filehippo.com]; most commonly whitelisted torrent client
Virtual CloneDrive[www.slysoft.com]; freeware image mounting tool
f.lux[justgetflux.com]; automatically adjusts color temperature
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