Poundmon ;)
Črt   Zelezniki, Slovenia
I'm bad at this game aren't I...

Good Lobby? [logs.tf]
lol DPM [logs.tf]
lol K/D [logs.tf]

Totonin : what is the touch for do the ponga ?

SaMi : all of you are nigger
SaMi left the game (Disconnect by user)

22:00:28 A-BANANA: you can kick me, but you cant kick my spirit!
22:00:35 TF2Center: A-BANANA was banned from this Lobby by caiz / Merc / LFT Silver
22:02:00 The_Lemon: rip

Misinko78 : spy is fuck

*SPEC* spudd! : why is kaidus fakenicking as the_lemon?????

*TF2C's down"
1hp: i'm going to go masturbate then
1hp is now Away.

*DEAD* [PL]Matheo : lmao.
*DEAD* [PL]Matheo : Lemon child go tryhard somewhere else.
*DEAD* [PL]Matheo : Loser..
[PL]Matheo left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Lurkki the faceit dream crusher
(TEAM) Ib4/20s : lurki
(TEAM) Ib4/20s : i am a good med
(TEAM) Lurkki #kivapuhe : no

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+rep *slurp*
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-rep searches profiles to Rando hate comment on
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fill in the blank:
that feeling when you ____
"brass balls" Mar 11 @ 12:12pm 
by all means babe <3
Albert Lennon Mar 11 @ 12:06pm 
I'll be the mailbox, commence the shitting please.