4smon hype?
Črt   Zelezniki, Slovenia
I'm bad at this game aren't I...

Good Lobby? [logs.tf]
lol DPM [logs.tf]
lol K/D [logs.tf]

Totonin : what is the touch for do the ponga ?

SaMi : all of you are nigger
SaMi left the game (Disconnect by user)

22:00:28 A-BANANA: you can kick me, but you cant kick my spirit!
22:00:35 TF2Center: A-BANANA was banned from this Lobby by caiz / Merc / LFT Silver
22:02:00 The_Lemon: rip

Misinko78 : spy is fuck

*SPEC* spudd! : why is kaidus fakenicking as the_lemon?????

*TF2C's down"
1hp: i'm going to go masturbate then
1hp is now Away.

*DEAD* [PL]Matheo : lmao.
*DEAD* [PL]Matheo : Lemon child go tryhard somewhere else.
*DEAD* [PL]Matheo : Loser..
[PL]Matheo left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Lurkki the faceit dream crusher
(TEAM) Ib4/20s : lurki
(TEAM) Ib4/20s : i am a good med
(TEAM) Lurkki #kivapuhe : no

*DEAD* Ryan78134 : I gave up being an engineer, no defence
* No Time Limit *
sek : good choice
sek : dont play engineer

pt002 : its century gun noob
pt002 : noob teleporter

ran29: yeah LOL i'm not from an english speakign country but only speak english makes good sense

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Brian Aug 10 @ 1:52pm 
Brian: You got nutted on by a 14 year old ew wtf
Lemon: I'm 15 actually
How do i stop being gay? Aug 8 @ 6:32am 
Really? Did you seriously just call me 12 you fucking piece of shit. First things first, I am 13, not 12 you dumb fucking shit. Second of all, your calling me 12 when your grammar looks like that? *Their *Your *OK. That's just a few too. Also, just because I play Minecraft and enjoy the FNAf (Five Nights at Freddie's for you dumbasses) lore does not mean I'm an immature 12 year old. I'm very mature for my age and hang out with the 14 year olds. So watch your mouth dumbass retard.
happy Aug 8 @ 5:31am 
W |/| H C O Jul 16 @ 12:06pm 

Offline for 2 days,nigga is u dead?
Edgyneer Jul 3 @ 11:51am 
Yes you can merc Demo '-'