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Originally posted by sadric_lxxxvii:
It's kind of an inside joke. Over the years I've suggested all kinds of achievements.

It’s funny idea and I like it, but problem is the rage of completionists.

I am regularly getting hate mail after implementing Modder, Summer Sales and Snowman achievement, which either require uploading something to Workshop Manager or just starting game within a given month.

You can say it’s silly, but I would probably get death threats after introducing an achievement which were given by devs. lol :-)
Nov 21 @ 7:30am
In topic Enslaving the ogre
There are also quite vulnerable to ranged attacks.
Originally posted by Sanger Zonvolt:
What exactly does that badge do? Or is it just flavor talk and I am missing the joke here?

Just a joke :-D
There is no Bug Hunter badge
Nov 20 @ 6:54am
In topic Morale Glitch?
Hey, that's probably Terror skill of Undead King. Priests, mages, etc. have Ironmind, which makes them immune to Terror.

I think there should be hint for that, if there's none, I will add it.

You were right - there is no hint for Terror. I will add it in the next patch.
Thanks for pointing that out!
Originally posted by sadric_lxxxvii:
I'll have to try to remember to include this in my report when I finish the Orc campaign for you. Didn't get to play at all this weekend but next weekend looks like I should get some time in.

Thanks!! That should be extra helpful, especially right now World Map has been backported to AOF2 :-)
Nov 18 @ 2:00pm
In topic Enslaving the ogre
You should also get necromancer and raise him to serve you again (evil laugh)
Originally posted by sadric_lxxxvii:
Wow! Credits? I do not deserve this honor.

Why not? Come one, you have helped a lot with battles & tests :-)
Send me email - I will put you in credits as a tester, alright?
Ouch... don’t be jealous.

For all testing and balancing help you will be added to credtis :-)
Nov 17 @ 2:46pm
In topic Enslaving the ogre
Originally posted by Kivina:
I think my ogre died. I really didn't care for my slave's survivablity. ie he makes wonderful bait.

How cruel... lol
Nov 16 @ 1:08pm
In topic Bad perfomance at 1080p?
Thanks! It's old technology with rendering.
I am re-coding it in OpenGL at this moment, but it will take some time.
Originally posted by Sanger Zonvolt:
Ok, tested it again. It only happens when you save before the level, when you save in the recuitment screen everything is normal. But it is reproducible in every level with every unit I tried it. You should be able to reproduce it yourself easily. If you still need the savegame anyway, let me know and I will send it later (can´t find the savepath at the moment and am a bit in a hurry).

Found it & fixed. Many thanks!!
You gave received Bug Hunter badge :-)

There are some issues with Steam build tool, I will upload patch as soon as it's working again.
Hey, could you send me your save?
Which level was this?

Evil Eyes corrected to Evil (it will be patched in the next release)
Nov 14 @ 3:42pm
In topic Evil alignment
It’s a complete game. But we continuously adding features and content.

Right now alignment is used for disallowing certain items and group morale modifications.
Nov 14 @ 3:03pm
In topic Enslaving the ogre
It's a feature, not a bug :-D

Actually, it was a bug at first, but I have left it so make game more fun & players happy.
It's not that powerful - your Ents are pretty good too (and will get update soon).
Nov 14 @ 3:02pm
In topic Evil alignment
Not yet! :-)
It will have impact on story, but we are still developing it.
Nov 14 @ 7:08am
In topic Bad perfomance at 1080p?
Originally posted by Sanger Zonvolt:
Tried it with the reset settings, but the small lag whenever a unit moves remains. It doesn´t make the game unplayable, but it´s highly anoying. Any ideas how to further reduce this?

Please try different sound engines or disable unit voices (checkbox in Sound).

Let me know if it helps.
Nov 14 @ 12:20am
Originally posted by Diesel Do:
Hey I was curious, I always love games that allow use of previous versions save for bonuses, and I was wondering if you guys have thought any about adding lv's where you could obtain a hero (I'd imagine only one side from each prior game, made by a player choice) from an AOF, and/or AOF2 save file?

Something similar, but I even better :-D

Not sure if it will be AOF4 or just patch to existing games.
Nov 11 @ 3:15am
In topic Bad perfomance at 1080p?
Hey, please reset settings - that should solve most of things :-)

Game is capped to 25fps, our AI takes lots of cpu and I didn’t wanted to slow it there.
Nov 10 @ 3:11am
Next update:

I know it doesn't look much yet, but it supports skins - they will be added after I have basic components working.

Sorry it's so slow - I have to manage it with other commitments.
Nov 10 @ 12:46am
In topic Is AoF serie Steam-free?
Yh, I have friends in Russia and economy really sucks there. People are looking for work and it’s nasty situation. That’s how bloody politics impact people lives :-(

Alright. Please contact me on PM - I will share nosteam build with you via Dropbox so u will get it free, ok?
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