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I bought the game when it is selling at 42usd (when it is in a -30% discount of the original 60usd price tag). I didn't regret buying it. In fact, it is the best game purchase I have ever made. It worths every penny I spent.

The storyline is outstanding. Especially when you can sharp the story by choosing the suitable dialogue you want to say in the game. This is the part which makes the game interesting. I have tried to load back the save after I know the consequences I bought by saying the wrong dialogue. The interaction of the game is undeniably superb. There are multiple side missions that is full of details. I don't want to spoil the storyline. What I can say is that it is excellent and you will love it. It makes me want to replay the whole game after it sits on the library without firing up for a long time. The humor in the game is quite good rather than being a cliche.

Fighting with evil monsters is fun because you can't really defeat them when you smash the left-click button continuously. You need to know how to attack and defend yourself at the same time. Sometimes when you face an enemy with greater level, players need to cross-use their weapon as well as spells so as not to die in the fight. This varies the battle system. Instead of chopping the enemies blindlessly, players can use many tactics to defeat an enemy and makes their advantage not repeatitive.

The graphics in the game is state-of-the-art. If you have a beefy graphic card. This game can definitely use all the juices of it. In the cities, you can see a lot of details in the house and people doing various activities in the city. Sometimes, you can hear the gossiping of others and it makes the city more vibrant and alive. In the countryside. Different landscapes are spread out in the game including mountains, forests and swamp etc. Everytime you go from A to B, you can see the changes in the surrounding and it is fun to go through these area and look for teasures at the same time.

There are multiple times in the game to show that not every monsters are evil and not every humans are kind too. I have a deep understanding that sometimes human can be much more evil than the monsters which they are afraid of. This game perfectly reflect the different types of characteristic of people in our modern society. Some people can even cheat on their families just for making the tiny amount of money. People with diseases or people who are cursed (including our protagonist --- Geralt) are usually discriminated by the normal people in the society. This game clearly shows us what it's like to be discriminated and reminds us the effect bought to the victims of the discrimination.

You can expect around 50 hours of gameplay in the main story and around 30 hours of gameplay in the expansion pass. If the game is on sale. You should go buy the game and try it yourself. You will know why this game becomes this famous among gamers. If you already have the game, you should go buy the expanion pass. The DLCs is more like another game inside an already superb games. Excellent work here CDPR. I hope CDPR can develop more games like this and define what a game should be like in the industry.
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