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If you want to add me, please leave a comment. Got tired of bots adding me to scam.
If I don't talk to you, don't think I'm ignoring you, I just never really talk first.

TF2 Things of Wishlisting
Dead Cone: Craft 404
A Deep Commitment to Purple
Australium Flame Thrower
Unusual Waxy Wayfinder - Purple Energy
Arthropod's Aspect
Crusader's Getup
The Dead Head
Beep Man
Corona Australis
Top Shelf Minigun
Sengoku Scorcher - Lack of Hue
Gone Commando
Clockwerk's Helm
Das Maddendoktor
Scoper's Smoke
Marksman's Mohair
Professional's Ushanka
Frenchman's Formals
Lady Killer
Stealthy Scarf
Hong Kong Cone
Coldsnap Cap
Flashdance Footies
Winter Woodsman

Consoles/Handhelds I own, in order
Gameboy Pocket (Red)
Gameboy Color (Kiwi)
Gameboy Color ( G/S Edition )
Gameboy Advance (Glacier)
Super Nintendo
Gamecube (Indigo)
DS (Original Fat Silver)
PSP ( 3000, Silver [])
PSP ( 3000, Spirited Green [])
DSi XL (Bronze)
Dreamcast (Sega Sports Black)
Wii U (32 GB, Black)
3DS XL (Red)
PS3 ( 500 GB [])
Xbox 360 ( Limited Edition Halo Reach Console [])
Xbox One
PS Vita ( Gundam Breaker Edition [])

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AtlanteadLemuris Jan 17 @ 7:48pm 
I get the feeling you gave up on the Jailbreak addon. Personally, the raptor guy from the game would had been close enough to the description to the Quintaglio.
Prior Jan 10 @ 11:23pm 
Need some support with your Deadpool model.
[Team Satisfaction] Croft Jan 8 @ 12:17pm 
I have a question about your Halo 3 spartan models. How do I add a bodygroups to my server so players can change the models on the fly?
ThatGuy Jan 6 @ 10:09pm 
nice effects on tf2 workshop howmuch do you think it will cost?
Mia Jan 5 @ 1:59am 
Nice effect! Reference to Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon?
Kobra Dec 23, 2016 @ 6:44pm 
Wish to talk about private playermodels