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I do not know what to put in this description so I put this very very long text in here so my profile is not boring. Why are you reading this right now? Go play a game or do your homework or whatever. Don't you have anything else to do than just read this? You're probably smiling or laughing right now of how stupid this is. Really, come on, what am I doing here writing this description? I wanna go play Team Fortress 2, but I am writing this description that you are reading right now. I think it's time to end this description ok bye go do something.
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Kizly May 11 @ 7:03am 
no unusual after 1k+ hours? or at least a bunch of keys? kys xd
Midoxo Apr 19 @ 9:59am 
u r the best m8 ( ⌐■ _ ■ ) +rep
Milk Whiteman Apr 18 @ 8:27am 
The Flying Scottsmann Apr 18 @ 8:09am 
why are u reading my comment?
Kizly Apr 14 @ 8:45am 
niggers ain't people
Kizly Apr 11 @ 10:35am 
now thats a no