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✪ Officer Kelpy Feb 16 @ 4:04pm 
Lmao, Thanks for the comment BB.
Menacingdragon hellcase.com Feb 14 @ 5:58pm 
Why wouldn't people be immature brats in competitive, have you seen how many people are like "ooooh you suck at this game get a life loser"?
✪ Officer Kelpy Feb 13 @ 2:44pm 
Die you commie fuck
Trustyn Feb 13 @ 2:27pm 
Haven't been on that server for a while, got on yesterday and saw your base was raided
✪ Officer Kelpy Feb 13 @ 2:09pm 
Oh noooo, It got raiiideeeeed, I wonder who did it, Dont be a hypocritical cocky bitch like me
Trustyn Feb 13 @ 3:41am 
What happened to your base dude?