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Timestamp Nov 22 @ 1:42am 
it was a netstat from an automated thing that just dumps netstat -a into an email and says "SERVER IS UNDER LOAD" with ps and top dumps too whenever it gets over 2.0-3.0 cpu time

it was like fucking 10.0
krupke Nov 21 @ 11:49pm 
bob evans :)
skimask shawty Nov 21 @ 6:12pm 
netstat has output options tho
skimask shawty Nov 21 @ 3:36pm 
good work
Timestamp Nov 21 @ 4:26am 
netstat output has the IPs of the sender in column 5 dude i had to filter them from their port numbers and print a list to put into a lookup tool so i could find out just who the fuck was hammering my goddamn server i host for some cuck
skimask shawty Nov 20 @ 7:29pm 
epic text filtering dude