Monkey D. Luffy
Ore wa Kaizoku-ou ni naru otoko da   Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Im Linksupersayan. I like to have fun with my friends.
"I'm good at this game! I have a hat to prove it!"

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Things you need to know before adding me:
Write the reason in the Comment Section. I'll block eveyone who is level 5 or less and if your profile is private.
I love to play and chat with people, so if you are going to add me. Please be respectful.
If you try to scam me or ask me for free items, i will warn you. If you continue doing it, I will block you.
If you send me a link, i will not open it. But if i know it's a phising link, you are instantly blocked.

Skullgirls staff (09/13/2013 update) :
I've always wanted to work with children. I hate when people call 'em "kids". Sounds like little goats.

Own quotes:

Seriously guys, i hate "mature" gamers that judge young gamers, they are the same as us when we were younger. I dont understand what is the problem except when they are annoying.. but most children that i know, they love videogames as much as we do. So stop doing that. Its stupid.

One Piece Crew:

18:18 - Seddy: hay oxxos allá en ecuador? nwn
18:13 - Linksupersayan: oxxos? o3o
18:18 - Seddy: Oxxo es una tienda u3u
18:14 - Linksupersayan: de que? :O
18:14 - Linksupersayan: voy a buscar e.e
18:18 - Seddy: oki xD
18:18 - Seddy: jajaj
18:15 - Linksupersayan: no hay
18:15 - Linksupersayan: por eso no me sonaba
18:15 - Linksupersayan: ademas suena como algo sacado de un porno e.e
18:20 - Seddy: Hahhaha

✯❣Ðaggums❣✯: so
✯❣Ðaggums❣✯: I got 2 text from strangers
✯❣Ðaggums❣✯: one talking about aids and heroin
✯❣Ðaggums❣✯: and another for a hello
✯❣Ðaggums❣✯: wtf is wrong with people
Linksupersayan: ikr? saying hello to strangers. Rude. That aids guy seems cool.
✯❣Ðaggums❣✯: lmao
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K4BUT0 Jul 16 @ 4:32pm 
la chica rana es la mejor waiffu?
艹         ,-、           ..-、
艹        ./:::::\         /:::::ヽ
艹       /::::::::::::;ゝ--──-- 、._/::::::::::ヽ
艹       /,.-‐''"′          \::::::::|
艹     /              ヽ、::|
艹    /    ●                ヽ|
艹     l   、、、             ●     l
艹    .|        (_人__丿  、、、   |
艹     l                   l
艹    ` 、                    /
艹      `ー 、__             ./
艹         /`'''ー‐‐──‐‐‐┬--- /
have a nice weekend!
Mr.Bones Jul 2 @ 4:46pm 
Don't mind if i add you? You seem really cool and also really fun to play games with.
Dorf Jun 29 @ 3:50am 
𝑯𝒂𝒗𝒆 𝒂 𝒏𝒊𝒄𝒆 𝒅𝒂𝒚!