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o:You can play this game online with your buddies,and the netcode is better than most mass marketed games right now
o:It doesn't have a linear format,but has no open world so you can do various minigames against ai or players and you unlock more as you go on
o:It has around 15 hours of content,very shocking considering the year this was made most games had 3 hours of story and relied on sidequests/multiplayer to milk more time out of their games
o: Has cute boys/girls,but is a kids game so the dating aspects[yeah they're in there]are tame but still hilarious
o:Good for meeting some cool guys,as the community on steam who play it is small but pretty cool guys
o:The multiplayer aspects are dead because people find this to be a girly title,more below
o:high price for a game with more or less just minigames and hanging in a house being a typical teenage girl
o:no matter how hard you beg,the emo guitar playing boy teen will not notice you unless you pubstomp his girlfriend several times
o:has a very unmanly title attached to a otherwise possibly very popular game with several fun minigames and a good concept
7/10,it doesn't keep you going with just the A.I. but its pretty interesting and keeps you playing until you realize "wow man I'm playing a barbie game" but its fun and has some good jokes
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silversol Jul 24 @ 9:39am 
So you just leave games open while you do other stuff?
Twitch.tv/VilzeTSF Jul 21 @ 3:37pm 
I have to ask, are those 12k hours on barbie legit?
Tekken 7 Jun 11 @ 10:13am 
dude I don't want to yiff or some gay shit pal
very large friend Jun 11 @ 10:06am 
maybe you should hit up practice mode since you clearly don't know how to play tekken after 70+ hours
Tekken 7 Jun 11 @ 9:52am 
why is a furry commenting on my myspace page
very large friend Jun 11 @ 9:41am 
don't be salty, it's ok that your garbage akuma got bodied

just try harder next time, k?